Infosys Will Pay Double Salary To Freshers Having These Skills

Infosys Will Pay Double Salary To Freshers Having These Skills
Infosys Will Pay Double Salary To Freshers Having These Skills

Earlier, TCS had attempted to rope in the best talent among freshers by offering them double salaries, compared to the less competent ones.

Now, Infosys has joined this ‘trend’, and as per reports coming in, they will also offer double salary or 100% increment in salary for the selected few.

But who will get this double salary?

Double Salary For Infosys Freshers

The keyword here is ‘programming skills’. 

Infosys has ramped up efforts to recruit freshers from engineering colleges across India, which also includes IITs and NITs.

The freshers who are being hired, will undergo a special screening during training phase, and will be categorized under ‘Power Programmers’.

This elite group of freshers, having extraordinary programming skills under ‘Power Programmers’ will be offered double salary, compared to other freshers having mediocre skills.

In fact, existing employees to can become part of this elite group of ‘Power Programmers’ by clearing few tests and if passed, they too can get double salary.

Confirming this development, Krish Shankar, executive vice-president and head of HR at Infosys said, “Once they become power programmers, their salary gets doubled. And we are seeing it double every year..”

It is expected that the top 5% employees in Infosys can get double salary this year, which includes freshers and experienced employees.

Digital Tags For 32 Hot Skills In Digital Technologies

Besides programming skills, Infosys is also keen to filter out freshers and experienced employees having the new age digital skills.

These employees will have ‘Digital Tags’, and will receive extra bonuses and incentives. Last year, around 2000 employees received this Digital Tag, and were eligible for extra incentives.

Infosys has identified around 32 hot skills, and if any employee has expertise in these, they can be allocated the Digital Tag for extra incentives.

Machine Learning, Robotics, AI are among the most desired digital skills.

In the case of TCS, they have launched the National Qualifier Test for freshers and experienced employees, and in case anyone passes this test, they will be eligible for the double salary.

It is now clear that IT companies are now looking for a skills-based appraisal and incentives program, and we may expect more such programs in the coming days from other IT firms.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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