TCS Doubles Freshers’ Salary To Rs 6.5 Lakh/Yr: But You Need These Skills!

TCS has decided to increase freshers' salary after a decade.

TCS freshers will get double salary
TCS freshers will get double salary

In a landmark decision, India’s largest and most influential IT firm has just doubled the salaries of freshers.

This has been done for only those freshers, who have some special ‘new age digital’ skills.

Meanwhile, Amazon too has raised the minimum wage of their employees, all over the world. Especially in the US and the UK.

Keep reading to find out more about this salary revolution happening all over the world!


TCS Freshers Will Get Double Salary!

For the past 10 years, TCS and most of the IT companies in India have been offering a salary of Rs 3.5 lakh per year for freshers.

We had even reported that some IT firms have ganged up, and have decided to place a ceiling on freshers’ salary in India.

However, things would be difference henceforth

TCS has now decided to not only increase but double the salary of freshers, who have certain special skills.

As per reports coming in, TCS is now offering a salary of Rs 6.5 lakh to freshers, and around 1000 such freshers will be ‘eligible’ for this salary.

What Skills Are Needed For This Double Salary?

New age digital skills, such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Big Data etc are some of the new age digital skills, which can ensure that the fresher gets a double salary.

TCS has labeled this group of freshers under ‘Digital Pool’, who are eligible to get the double salary of what a fresher normally gets.

Now, this seems logical as well – IT companies will be required to provide training to freshers, in case they are assigned projects in these subject matter.

Hence, if a fresher is pre-loaded with the knowledge of these new age digital skills, then it makes sense to pay a higher salary.

How Will This Work?

TCS is now recruiting only via digital mode, and these special freshers who will get the double salary will be also chosen from the same model.

However, the ones who have knowledge of Machine Learning, Big Data, Automation etc, will be placed in a separate ‘Digital Pool’. If they pass the interview, they will be offered a double salary.

Ajoy Mukherjee, executive VP and head of global human resources said, “People who have done well in the NQT will get a chance to write another test for the digital talent pool, and if they clear and go through the interview, then they will get into the digital pool and their compensation will be differentiated.”

NQT is the name of the new digital recruitment platform by TCS.

Now, other IT companies are also expected to follow the trend and offer special salaries for those, who have special skills.

Amazon Increases Minimum Wage

Meanwhile, in a related news, World’s largest e-commerce portal: Amazon, has decided to increase the minimum wage of their employees.

From now on, $15/hour will be the minimum wage of an Amazon worker in the US, and £9.50/hour in the UK. For London based employees, this minimum wage can be higher as well.

This move will benefit more than 2.5 lakh full-time Amazon workers in the US, and more than 1 lakh seasonal/part-time workers.

As per some observers, Amazon will now request the US Govt. to make $15 as the minimum wage for all employees, anywhere in the country. $7.25 per hour is the minimum wage of US workers as of now.

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