TCS Will Hire Engineers Via Digital Recruitment; Poor Students Will Be Helped!

Digital recruitment by TCS helped them to reach 175% more students, compared to last year.

TCS embraces digital recruitment
TCS embraces digital recruitment

TCS, India’s biggest IT company has decided to recruit engineering graduates only via digital recruitment.

What is this digital process of recruitment? Keep reading to find out more!

TCS Hiring Process: A Massive Shift

Starting this year, TCS has decided to change the process of recruitment, and embrace 100% digital recruitment.

And this is working as well.

Compared to the physical and manual recruitment process, digital recruitment has helped TCS to bring down the on-board process to 3-4 weeks, compared to 3-4 months earlier.

And, the number of applicants has also increased to 2.8 lakhs, compared to 1.4 lakh earlier.

Ajoy Mukherjee, executive VP and head of global human resources  said, “The basic process of campus recruitment is not changing but the way we are doing is changing,”

How Digital Recruitment At TCS Work?

Starting this year, TCS has launched National Qualifier Test, which is 100% Digital.

2.8 lakh engineering students registered on this platform from 100 cities and 28 states, and this way covered 2000 colleges. Traditionally, TCS visited only 370-odd accredited colleges for campus interviews.

Colleges situated in far-flung areas like Baramulla and Kohima were also covered, thanks to this new Digital drive.

This way, 175% more engineering students were able to appear in the test, compared to last year.

Based on the results of this digital test, the shortlisted candidates are asked for a video-interview or face to face interview, based on the location.

Note here, that interview process for top-tier institutions like IITs and IIMs remain the same.

Venguswamy Ramaswamy, global head of TCS’ digital assessment platform iON said that this way, they have“democratised talent spotting”.

TCS Will Help Poor Students Get Job Ready!

Meanwhile, in a praise-worthy move, TCS has decided to help poor students get job ready, by providing them training and assistance.

TCS has entered into an agreement with the Commerce Department of Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, wherein students from the poor socio-economic background will be provided help from TCS.

English skills, soft skills, IT, interview skills etc will be taught to students from reserved category, and to those whose family income is less than Rs 2 lakh.

Around 1000 B.Com students will be taught in the first phase, and if they are eligible, TCS will directly hire them as well.

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