Redmi Note 9, Note 9 Pro Mystery: Will Redmi Note 9 Series Launch In India?

This Is Why Xiaomi Can Shut Down Redmi Note Series Forever: No Redmi Note 9 Series In Future?
This Is Why Xiaomi Can Shut Down Redmi Note Series Forever: No Redmi Note 9 Series In Future?

One of the most successful smartphone series in the history of mobiles is being called off. Xiaomi came to limelight with Redmi Note series in India, and the rest is history. Even in home market China, Redmi Note smartphones remain a huge hit, but Xiaomi is cancelling Redmi Note smartphone as per the latest rumours.

The reports suggest that Xiaomi will be resting the Redmi Note series after Redmi Note 8 Pro India launch.

So, what’s been wrong?

Redmi Note smartphones made Xiaomi India’s number one smartphone brand. Every Redmi Note series launched in India has been super successful with millions of handsets being sold within a few months, with Redmi Note 6 Pro being the least successful. 

No More Redmi Notes: No Redmi Note 9, No Redmi Note 9 Pro

Xiaomi recently unveiled Redmi Note 8 series, and the company will launch Note 8 Pro in India this week. So that makes Redmi Note 8 series the last Redmi Note series, and we will be getting Redmi Note 8 Pro and Redmi Note 8 as the last Redmi Note smartphones.

The company will unveil Note 8 Pro in India now, and Redmi Note 8 later, which could possibly be the last Redmi Note smartphone ever.

So, there’s no Redmi Note 9, Redmi Note 9 Pro or Redmi Note 10, Redmi Note 10 Pro for future. Also recently Xiaomi was found to be working on a new Redmi smartphone, Redmi Note 8T, which may be the last Redmi Note smartphone in production.

But, Why Xiaomi Is Calling Off Redmi Note Series?

The latest rumours suggest that India’s number one smartphone brand is planning to revamp their lineup in the country and other global markets. And this includes the super-successful Redmi Note series smartphones.

The reports hint at Redmi Note lineup being called off and given a fresh start, basically a complete reset.

Instead of Redmi Note smartphones, Xiaomi is supposedly bringing back the Mi Note series. So this would push the Note smartphones to go under the main Xiaomi brand, and not Redmi.

According to the growing rumours, Xiaomi will start with Mi Note 10 next year instead of Redmi Note 9 or Redmi Note 9 Pro. But again some reports floated that the launch may happen as soon as 2019, and probably by November. 

Reset Or Cancellation: Is Xiaomi Resetting Redmi Note Lineup Or It’s Being Called Off?

That’s still confusing. It could either be that Xiaomi is working to revamp the Redmi Note lineup against the growing competition, or it’s just resetting the whole series for a fresh restart. Also do remember that Redmi is a separate entity now, and the sub-brand works independently.

But, it could be the competition as well. Xiaomi’s biggest competitor in the country is Realme now, and the latter has been very aggressive about it’s line-up and series of smartphones.

So, Xiaomi is just clearing up things for a headstart and bring in better devices to take up the competition hands-on.

Xiaomi India has a wide line-up in the country with a good number of smartphones ranging from the budget range to entry premium segment. With Redmi Note series, Xiaomi could possibly be looking to give Redmi a more premium push in the budget phone segment.

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