BJP Ruled States Rebel Against Centre Over Traffic Penalty; These 5 States Will Not Impose New Traffic Rules!

BJP Ruled States Rebel Against Centre Over Traffic Penalty
BJP Ruled States Rebel Against Centre Over Traffic Penalty

The traffic rules in India have been changed unrecognisably, and there has been a huge hike in the fines imposed on citizens who violate these rules.

These changed rules have definitely resulted in a few dramatic outbursts in the country as well. There was an incident where a person was charged with a fine chose to light his motorcycle on fire instead!

Some states of the nation have flat out refused to follow the new norms and these states are led by the same BJP government that has put the rules up in the first place.

Ironic, isn’t it? The states have even changed some of the rules of their own accord in order to make them more ‘human’.

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Government Imposes Heavy Traffic Fines

It hasn’t been long since the new traffic rules have been introduced and already people are protesting against the exorbitant fines that are being demanded from them.

Even the states run by the same government are not happy with this and have taken it upon themselves to change the rules and fines in their own states

Gujarat has taken the lead in this when the government reduced the fines imposed by almost half as much as the original fines. 

Read about the changes in the fines of Gujarat here

These 5 States Defy Centre

In fact, the Gujarat Government has declared that the fines will be brought down to as much as 10% of the fines imposed by the Government.

Following in Gujarat’s footsteps is Uttarakhand, who has also resisted and changed the fines independently. 

Other BJP-led states: Maharashtra, Goa, and Karnataka have also declared that they will reduce the fines themselves if the BJP-led Government does not reconsider the harsh amount of fines, on humanitarian grounds. 

Interestingly, other states that are run by the opposition parties, such as Madhya Pradesh (Congress), Kerala (CPI-M) and others have also shown their inclination towards taking similar steps like the BJP-led states, and minimize the traffic penalties for their citizens.

Our Opinion

Maybe it is high time that the Centre re-evaluate the traffic fines, and try to understand why the states led by their own leaders are not following the new rules.

Heavy fines for drunk driving and juvenile driving are fine to some extent, but an atrocious penalty for other minor traffic offences should be reduced.

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