Gujarat Reduces Traffic Fines Upto 90%; Will Other States Also Follow Gujarat Model For Traffic Penalty?

Gujarat Reduces Traffic Fines Upto 90%
Gujarat Reduces Traffic Fines Upto 90%

Starting September 1st, Govt. of India has reformed the Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill 2019, which means that traffic fines have now increased substantially.

We have already reported how two-wheeler drivers are getting heavily penalized, even as the value of their vehicle is less than that. In one instance, a truck driver was fined Rs 1.3 lakh for breaking almost every traffic rule!

Social media is abuzz with tons of memes and jokes on these heavy traffic penalties, and there is a sort of uproar against the new traffic rules.

Amidst this chaos, Gujarat has become the first state to defy the Centre’s new traffic rules, and have amended their own traffic laws, to reduce the penalties upto 90% in some cases.

Now, the big question: Will other states follow suit and reduce their traffic fines as well?

Upto 90% Reduction In Traffic Fines In Gujarat

Led by Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, Gujarat has become the 1st state to reduce traffic fines, and this way, they have directly defied the Centre’s intentions and objectives.

The logic of Gujarat Govt. is simple: The reduction in traffic penalty is being done on “compassionate and humanitarian” grounds.

There has been some massive protests against the new traffic rules in Rajkot, which is the home constituency of CM Rupani.

CM said, “Our priority is not collecting fines or filing cases against people. However, implementing law is not possible without punitive action. We have taken a compassionate and humanitarian approach and reduced fines.”

He added that there shall be no consideration, in case of a fatal road accident.

The new traffic rules will come into force in Gujarat effective September 16th.

Which Traffic Rules Have Been Reduced In Gujarat?

Some of the traffic offense which will now carry lesser penalty in Gujarat are:

  • Penalty for not wearing a helmet and seatbelt is now Rs 1000, which has been reduced to Rs 500 in Gujarat
  • Obstructing a fire vehicle or ambulance is now Rs 10,000, which has been reduced to Rs 1000 in Gujarat. A reduction of 90%
  • Fine for triple-riding a two-wheeler is actually Rs 1000, which has been reduced to Rs 100 in Gujarat
  • Penalty for driving in the wrong-side is now a non-compoundable offense to be settled in court. This has been changed to on-the-spot fine, and the amount too has been reduced.
  • Vehicle which doesn’t have PUC (Pollution Under Control) Certificate has a fine of Rs 10,000 now, which has been reduced to Rs 3000 in Gujarat

Traffic Penalties Which Haven’t Been Changed

The fine for driving under the influence of alcohol is still Rs 10,000, and hasn’t been changed. 

If an under-18 year old is caught driving, then the penalty for parents is still Rs 25,000

Penalty for jumping traffic light too hasn’t been changed, and its still Rs 5000.

Now, Karnataka too has hinted that they can reduce the traffic fines, and so will other states, soon.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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