Motorcyclist Fined Rs 23,000 While Driving Rs 15,000 Bike; Gurgaon AutoDriver Fined Rs 32,000!

With the onset of the reformed Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill 2019, which launched about some time back, there have been gigantic changes in the way traffic rules apply around.

At least now they do.

We’d earlier helped you out with the essential changes that governed these changes.

If you didn’t find it important to adapt to those changes then, you probably should now. Well, for starters, the Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill 2019 has been put into action already and the intensity with which it has been bashing incorrect traffic activities, has been magnanimous.

The 2019 Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill was presented by Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways. It targets at enforcing stricter penalties for road traffic violations. There has been a giant wave of traffic violation fines that have been issued to hundreds. A Gurugram resident was fined Rs 23000 for not carrying his Driving Licence (DL), Registration Certificate (RC) and helmet with him while crossing a signal.

Gurugram Resident Fined Rs 23,000

The effect of the Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill 2019 has come into action and an astonishing case of Rs 23,000 has come into picture. Gurugram-resident Dinesh Madan was charged a challan of Rs 23,000 over five violations: driving without a licence, registration certificate, no third-party insurance, no pollution certificate and he was riding without a helmet.

In fact, Madan let off with a smaller value than what it comes to based on the fresh set of rules. The value of his scooter itself was Rs 15,000 and as per a post on Twitter, he is pretty serious to carry around all his documents, next time onwards. People however have been trashing him, saying that he’s playing the victim card.

Similarly, an auto driver in Gurgaon was fined Rs 32,500 for jumping red light. When the cops caught him, he had no registration certificate, insurance, driving licence and pollution certificate, and the penalty accumulated.

List of Revised Traffic Offences

According to the list of major traffic offences, penal provisions as per the Amended Act / MV Act, 1988, fines for the aforementioned offences are as follows:

  • without PUCC – Rs 10000
  • without DL – Rs 5000
  • without RC – Rs 10000
  • without insurance – Rs 4000
  • without helmet – Rs 1000

Traffic Police Are On-Spot into Action!

Right since the 1st day, the rules have been put into action. Delhi Traffic Police issued 3,900 challans that included 45 challans for driving under the influence, 557 for dangerous driving, 42 for over speeding, and 207 for red light jumps.

Noida Traffic Police, on the other hand issued 1,329 challans on the second day of the onset of the new traffic rules. More than 334 riders were challaned on Monday for not wearing helmets, while those not wearing seatbelts were 210.

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