2019 iPhone Index: An Indian Will Have to Work for 66.7 Days to Afford iPhone 11 Pro; An American Just Needs 5.8 Days!

An Indian Will Have to Work for 66.7 Days to Afford iPhone 11 Pro
An Indian Will Have to Work for 66.7 Days to Afford iPhone 11 Pro

So here is an interesting article for you, if you are planning to buy the recently launched iPhone 11.

As you must be knowing that Apple has just launched its much awaited iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, both of which have be already subjected to the themes of a lot of memes and jokes around the social networking areas.

The official price of the iPhone 11 Pro, the 64 GB variant is Rs 99,900 in India. Apple has just been leveling up its price line with every new model it is releasing. This phone would cost a lifetime’s amount for a pretty average service person.

So what we have done today is, we’ve brought to you a report by Picodi.com, whose analytical team has studied and depicted the number of workdays an individual with an average salary, have to work for to afford an iPhone 11 Pro (64 GB), in selected countries. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Indians will Have to Work for 66.7 Days

In this report released by Picodi.com, they have decided to compare an average salary in selected countries with the price of an iPhone 11 Pro (the 64 GB model) in order to count the number of workdays required to buy it.

It has been found however that a statistical India, with an average salary of ?31464.68 (calculated by Numbeo) will have to work for 66.7 days to afford this year’s iPhone, without counting the living expense. This number is 6.8 days more as compared to last year’s.

In fact, Indians are placed last in this list of different countries, meaning Indians will have to work for maximum number of days, as compared to the other 41 countries. India lies after Mexico, where Mexicans will have to work for 54.2 days. Countries like Switzerland, USA and Luxembourg will have their individuals work the least because the average salaries of individuals in such countries are very attractive.

Data Source

The iPhone Index 2019 has been calculated on the basis of iPhone 11 Pro prices announced publicly on local Apple or authorised seller websites. The average salaries, on the other hand come from the countries’ official ministry or statistical office pages.

In the absence of official up-to-date information, the average wage is based on Numbeo data for August 2019. Picodi.com has divided the monthly wages by 21, being the average number of workdays in a month.

List of Working Days to Afford an iPhone in Different Countries

  • Switzerland: 4.8 Days
  • US: 5.8 Days
  • Luxembourg: 6.7 Days
  • Australia: 7.1 Days
  • Norway: 7.7 Days
  • UAE: 8.3 Days
  • Singapore: 8.4 Days
  • Japan: 8.4 Days
  • Canada: 8.7 Days
  • Sweden: 8.8 Days
  • New Zealand: 9.7 Days
  • Ireland: 9.7 Days
  • Germany: 9.9 Days
  • Austria: 9.9 Days
  • Finland: 10.2 Days
  • Demark: 10.6 Days
  • Hong Kong: 10.8 Days
  • France: 10.9 Days
  • Belgium: 11.3 Days
  • Netherlands: 11.5 Days
  • UK: 12.7 Days
  • Cyprus: 14.3 Days
  • Spain: 15.7 Days
  • Italy: 15.9 Days
  • Taiwan: 18.2 Days
  • Malta: 30.4 Days
  • Estonia: 31 Days
  • Slovakia: 31.7 Days
  • Poland: 31.8 Days
  • Hungary: 35.1 Days
  • Russia: 47 Days
  • Montenegro: 48.5 Days
  • Mexico: 54.2 Days
  • India: 66.7 Days

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