Instagram’s Working On A New Messenger For Close Friends Called Threads – A Weapon to Wash Off Snapchat?

Instagram’s Working On A New Messenger For Close Friends Called Threads
Instagram’s Working On A New Messenger For Close Friends Called Threads

We all know about the rivalry brewing between social media giants Facebook and Snapchat.

To take a good hold of this game, Facebook is developing a new application named Threads. It is being designed as a buddy app for Instagram.

Its main job is to invite close friends to share speed, location, battery life and many more.

Users will also be able to share the common stuff like photos, videos and text messages by using creative tools present in Instagram.

Although Instagram is silent about this news.

Earlier we heard the news of Instagram bunged working on Direct app in May, 2019. A stand alone camera-first messaging app primarily used to send Instagram messages. (Reference Verge)

It was launched on December, 2017. During the time of development,   Beta testing team got annoyed with constantly switching between two applications.

But due to the company’s interest in giving users a new messaging experience, they continued their development.

Finally they stopped working on this application in May, 2019.

Another development happened during end of Jan, 2019. Mark Zukerberg, founder of Facebook and owner Whatsapp and Instagram has come up with shocking plan of merging these apps.

 It was informed that the employees who were working in Instagram messaging team now moved to work in Facebook messaging team as part of the merging process.

Messaging Around Close Friends Is Future

There are many occurrences in which Facebook is accused of copying features from Snapchat.

Features like hands free video recording and wildly popular disappearing photos are to say the least.

Facebook is trying to come up with many ideas to ace this chase of rivalry.

According to the trends, a messaging application built around to chat with close friends is the future of messaging application. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has given a statement in the same line.

It is considered one of the reasons behind Snapchat gaining popularity among its huge audience. Statistics show that an average user is spending more time on Snapchat compared to Instagram’s frequent users.

It is said that while Snapchat is Y generation with 187 million daily users, Instagram is generation X with 400 million daily users, boomers and beyond.

So with Snapchat’s strong hold on young generation, it is expected that Threads will help Instagram to steal away the show.  

Automatic Sharing In A Closed Group

The Threads Application will encourage users to share constant automated updates with the close friends present in Instagram list.

If a user opts for automatic sharing then Threads will send regular updates about your location, speed and battery life to the people present in close group.

According to the Verge reviewing the screenshots, instead of sharing real time location with your friends, it may say “Going out”, ”Watching TV” or “On the move” kind of generic information.

The main goal behind Threads is messaging and it seems very much alike with the current messaging app present on Instagram.

It has a camera to capture photos and videos to share with your friends. Messages from your friends appear in the middle of the feed. A green mark will highlight to show which of your friends are active and available. If they have shared a story then it would be available for view.

Its launch date is still unclear. Facebook may decide not to launch it as it has done earlier with Direct app.

As Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg see its companies future in private messaging.

So Threads may help its stakeholders to get it’s far fetched dream come true.

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