Youtube Responsible For 40% Of Global Web Traffic; Beats Facebook With 376% Margin!

Netflix is probably the lowest at mobile data consumption.

Youtube drives 40% of web traffic, globally
Youtube drives 40% of web traffic, globally

The internet has no managed to create another universe of its own and the social media platforms have attracted in a lot of young netizens. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, are all fighting to make sure they have the highest amount of visitors, but the statistics show that Youtube is clearly the winner!

The video app has emerged victorious over Facebook, Instagram, and many more. Read on to know all about Youtube’s success!

Snapchat and Facebook Battled For Top Position

As per a newly conducted study, Youtube has almost 40% web traffic from its mobile users. The report also says that for all mobile internet traffic, Youtube is responsible for 37%. This report is made by Sandvine (The Mobile Internet Phenomena Report, Feb 2019).

“Mobile networks consume their bandwidth very differently than fixed, and the sheer volume of fixed traffic on a large network dwarfs the consumption on just about any mobile network.”

Youtube has ranked the top in all the regions that the study was conducted in, which are North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East.

Also, Facebook and Snapchat follow close, but with a huge gap, at 8.4 % and 8.3 % megabytes of internet used respectively. Facebook Video is also in the charts, constituting for 2.5%, and Instagram makes up for 5.7%.

Actual web browsing is only 4.6%, whereas Google Play Store and Apple App Store have constituted up to 1.9% and 2.1% respectively.

Considering the popularity that Netflix has gained over the years, mobile internet consumption used up by Netflix is comparatively meager at 2.4%. This might be due to the better experience of Netflix over a larger screen, like a laptop or a monitor.

Expected Engagement From Various Apps

As per the reports by Sandvine, Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are the platforms where a high number of netizens were expected to flock, which has been shown through the report as well. All these apps have over 70% engagement in Europe and APAC (Asia Pacific countries). The report on the results of engagement has been published in these two specific regions.

The report says, “What is interesting in the data is that some “voluntary” applications have extremely high engagement rates, far exceeding what you would think.”

The two apps that weren’t a part of the apps that were guessed to be most frequented, are DoubleClick and Crashlytics. DoubleClick was able to manage an engagement rate of over 80% in APAC and almost 70% in Europe, whereas Crashlytics’ engagement rate is over 65% in Europe.

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