Hyundai Venue Becomes India’s #1 SUV; WagonR Still #1 Car Indians Love (July Data)

Hyundai Venue Becomes India's #1 SUV
Hyundai Venue Becomes India’s #1 SUV

In the face of crisis, some brands are still doing well compared to others in this segment.

Automobile industry is facing a huge slow down. Lacs of people losing jobs due to car sales decline this season. Thousands of dealers had to shut their shops.

To face this crisis, cars dealer are coming up with innovative offers, schemes and discounts to lure the customers.

While providing a deep discount and offers, dealers are also working on standards to provide desired quality. One step towards this is manufacturers upgrading their models to BS-6 compliance.

Chart on Facts and Figures

The sales have fallen by 30.98% last month. Still some brands shined through these dark times. Here is the report to show leaders in this game.

There has been many new car launches during this time. Some of them are really worth giving a look. Also Tata has upcoming car launches which will keep you amazed with its futuristic designs and comfortable features.

Top 20 Cars (Source:

Marathon of Performers

Maruti Suzuki Alto has always been the best selling model, last month it has topped the list by selling more than 20,000 units.

This month Maruti Suzuki’s New WagonR has topped the game and reached no 1 position by having sold 15,062 units at the end of July, 2019. While in the month of June it got 5th position in the list.

The no in itself is alarming because till now the bestselling modal gains this position by selling more than 20,000 units.

The new WagonR has also receiver a BS-6 upgrade in its 1.2 liter engine variant. BS-6 non-compliance is another spark giving flames to this conspired slow-down of automobile industry.  

The first runner up position is gained by Maruti Suzuki Dezire sedan by selling 12,923 units which is much lower than last month’s 14,868 units.

In May 2019, it was reported 16,196 units which is much smaller number compared to the one it got a year ago when it held first position with 24,465 units.   

The second runner up in this race is Maruti Suzuki Swift by selling 12,667 units. This number is much lower than the number recorded by sell of 16,330 units in June, 2019. BS-6 upgrade is also being introduced for the petrol version of this model.

The diesel variant of this modal will not be getting any upgrade since it is ready to be phased out on D-Day on 1 April, 2020.

The third runner up position is held by Maruti Suzuki Alto with dispatching 11,557 units.

In June, 2019 it hold first position by selling 18,733 units.

The 5th position is held by Maruti Suzuki Baleno by selling 10,482 units. This is also the first modal from Maruti to got BS-6 upgrade with a new 1.2 liter dual jet K12C petrol motor along with mild-hybrid technology.

By holding the first top 5 positions, Maruti Suzuki becomes the best selling brand in hatchback and sedan category for the month of July, 2019.

SUV and MPV Performers

The first position is gained by Hyundai Venue which was recently launched in the month of May, 2019. It has gained its position by dispatching 9,585 units.

With this win Hyundai steals the crown from Maruti Suzuki in utility vehicle category for July, 2019.

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