Maruti, Tata Will Stop Making Diesel Cars: Why Is This Happening, And What Should You Do?

Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors Stop Production of Diesel Engines

Big players of the automobile industry have laid down their arms and announced their decision of phasing out diesel cars. First, it was Maruti Suzuki, followed by Mahindra, and now, Tata Motors has joined their league too.

Maruti Suzuki has already announced the D-Day of their diesel engines, 1 April 2020.

While Maruti Suzuki has totally given up on diesel engines, Tata and Mahindra have decided to stop the manufacture of a few select models of their companies. Now, Tata Motors is planning to shut down the manufacturing of 1.05-litre engine from the Tiago and Tigor.

This certainly comes as a shock and we wonder if there is any future left for diesel engines. Why are these companies giving up on diesel engines, and how will this affect us?

Read on to know more!

The Why of Things

It has not been very long since the Government announced the new emission norms, Bharat Stage (BS) VI emission norms, which is the primary reason behind these companies quitting on the diesel engine cars.

To implement the norms of BS-VI into small and medium-sized cars does not make sense as this increases the cost of the cars, and is not very reasonable. Also, the leap from BS-4 to BS-6 amounts to some more increased charges.  

Let’s look at the cons of diesel for now: While diesel helps the engine run more efficiently than petrol, the gases emitted by a diesel engine act as a catalyst to the ever-increasing pollution. The NOx emissions and emissions of particulate matter by a diesel engine are higher than that of a petrol engine.

The engine oil and spare parts that diesel engines use are much costlier than the ones used in petrol engines. Which means that diesel-run cars also require a lot more maintenance as compared to petrol engine fitted cars.

Cars run on diesel engines are subjected to more vibrations, and create much more noise as compared to petrol engines.

What Should You Do Now?

If you are looking to buy a new diesel-powered Maruti Suzuki car, wait till April 2020. By this time, car dealers will be in a hurry to clear out the stock and this will probably result in decreased prices.

If you already have a car that runs on diesel, you don’t have to panic, the service stations of your car company will probably provide you with appropriate service and maintenance of your car.

However, given the circumstances, there is a possibility that the prices of diesel may surge, you might want to brace yourself for that!

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