Hindu, Muslim Delivery Partners Declare Strike Against Zomato Over Pork, Beef; Zomato Says This Is Their Job

Zomato Delivery Partners Declare Strike (In Pic: Zomato Strike in Jalandhar in March, 2019)
Zomato Delivery Partners Declare Strike (In Pic: Zomato Strike in Jalandhar in March, 2019)

Zomato has recently been the talk of the town for defending its Muslim delivery partner and winning hearts of the country. The storm this controversy managed to kick up was not yet averted, and here is another!

The delivery executives of Zomato have declared that they will go on a strike against the company because delivering certain dishes, such as beef and pork, is hurting their religious sentiments. 

The Hindu and Muslim delivery partners of Zomato in Kolkata have united in this strike.

They have put forth some demands if the strike is wished to be called off, and not being forced to deliver such dishes is one. 

Adding fuel to the fire, Zomato has responded that its is impossible to implement such a segregation in a diverse country such as India. 

Why food is being dragged into religious controversies? How will Zomato handle this sensitive issue?

Zomato Delivery Executives Declare Strike; 

The Hindu and Muslim delivery partners of the popular online food ordering app, Zomato have announced a strike, starting Monday. Their concern is about the company making them deliver some non vegetarian dishes, that interfere with their religious boundaries.

Hindu delivery executives are being asked to deliver beef, whereas Muslim executives are being asked to deliver pork, both of which are against their respective religious beliefs.

However, this strike certainly comes at a wrong time for the business, as Monday is the celebration of Bakri Eid, and online food orders, especially of non-vegetarian dishes will experience a definite surge.

The employees have demanded that the company should stop the beef and pork delivery service immediately. Additionally, executives have also demanded that the Zomato should restructure the pay order. 

As per reports, one protestor said that the company is threatening them, and is asking them to deliver any order to customers. 

He said, “We, the Hindus, were asked to deliver beef while in the coming days our Muslims brothers will be asked to deliver pork. This is not acceptable. We demand that the company not to play with our religious sentiments and also payouts be revised.”

West Bengal Government Intervenes; Zomato Says It’s “Impossible”

The West Bengal government was approached about the controversy, and has acknowledged the issue at hand. 

In support of the delivery executive, the ministry is of the opinion that the company shouldnt force the delivery executives to deliver food that goes against their religion, and harms their sentiments. 

West Bengal irrigation minister Rajib Banerjee said, “The organisation should not force any person to go against their religion. It is wrong.”

Zomato has also responded to the executives’ demands, and said that such separation of dishes is not possible to be implemented. Zomato said, “it is impossible to ensure that vegetarian and non-vegetarian preferences are factored into delivery logistics.”

Zomato has said that the delivery partners were made aware of the ‘practical nature of this job’ as they are recruited. 

We will keep you updated, as more details unfold. 

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