Zomato’s Hindu User Objects To Muslim Delivery Boy; Zomato’s Reply Wins Over The Internet

Zomato's reply to a Twitter user is stunning
Zomato’s reply to a Twitter user is stunning

In a recent incident related to religious harmony (or conflict), Zomato gave a befitting reply to a person, who objected to a Muslim delivery partner (also known as Delivery Boys).

What exactly happened here?

Hindu User Tweets About ‘Non-Hindu Rider’

A Twitter user named Amit Shukla from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, tweeted to Zomato about his canceled order.

As per Amit, he had canceled the order from Zomato because he was assigned a ‘Non-Hindu Rider’, and he wanted a Hindu delivery partner for delivering his order.

He also shared screenshots from his app, and proof of his conversation.

Zomato had refused to change the delivery partner, a request which was based on the religion.

Zomato’s Stunning Reply

In reply, Zomato gave a stunning response, which doused the fires of religious conflict which Amit wanted to ignite.

In their reply, Zomato said that food doesn’t have a religion, and the infact, food is the religion.

Soon, Deepinder Goyal, founder of Zomato chipped in, and hailed the response delivered by Zomato on this issue.

He appreciated the diversity of India, and politely informed Amit that his request cannot be fulfilled.

Zomato’s and Deepinder’s replies are still trending everywhere, as Indians are appreciating the strong stand taken by Zomato, and their founder.

Twitters users completely dismissed the logic shared by Amit regarding Hindu and Non-Hindu delivery partners, and this was a win for India’s Unity.

Other Instances When Religious Issues Came Up

Last year in June, a similar issue was faced by Airtel, when a user refused to accept help from a Muslim customer representative.

In April last year, a man tweeted that he has canceled a ride from Ola, because the driver was Muslim.

Twitter users from India strongly objected to the logic behind canceling the Ola ride, and accused the person of disturbing religious harmony.

However, the way Zomato has handled the case has set a new benchmark for service-oriented companies, on how to handle religious cases.

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