Realme’s 64MP Camera Smartphone Set For Diwali Launch; Realme Mocks Xiaomi’s 64MP Camera Phone

Realme's 64MP Camera Smartphone Set For Diwali Launch;
Realme’s 64MP Camera Smartphone Set For Diwali Launch

Xiaomi has recently announced that it is working on its 64 MP camera, only to be mocked by Realme India’s CEO, Madhav Sheth, a few days later.

The first 64 MP camera to be launched in India will be in a Realme smartphone, as per Madhav Sheth. He has also declared that this smartphone by Realme with a camera of 64 MP will be launched in India even before Diwali.

The CEO of Realme India also took a few jibes at the camera technology announced by Xiaomi and Samsung.

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Realme Mocks Xiaomi’s 64 MP Camera Technology

Realme India’s CEO, Madhav Sheth openly mocked the technology of camera sensor of 108 MP that was recently teased by the company in an event in Beijing. 

Madhav Sheth took a jibe at the technology, saying that, “There’s a difference between launching on PPT and launching in real life.” 

He also went on to declare that the first 64 MP camera that will be launched in India will be in a device by Realme. He said, “I’m able to bring the world’s first 64MP camera phone to India so that Indian consumers can enjoy the technology before anybody else in the world. It’s a proud moment for me.”

Also, he revealed that this phone, a Realme device with 64 MP camera, will be launched in India before Diwali, which is around October 2019.

Speaking about the camera, he talked about his aim to implement the quad camera in other series of Realme phones, including the budget phones. The reason behind this was to ‘massify’ the technology. 

Realme’s 64 MP Camera: How Does It Work

Realme has not revealed much details about the technology that will power the 64 MP camera, but that it will be running on the ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor by Samsung. There will only be one smartphone launched in India by Realme which will have the infamous 64 MP camera. 

Realme intends to include a 64 MP camera mode in the phone, through which, users will be able to capture pictures of 64 MP. additionally, there will be the default pixel binned 16 MP photos. 

Realme also disclosed that the company has been working with Samsung for a long time now, and started before the ISOCELL Bright GW1 started its production. 

The company said, “We have been working closely with Samsung ISOCELL and created prototypes to start our development and testing work before GW1 was manufactured.”

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