5 Reasons Why Redmi K20 Pro is Better than iPhone XS or XS Max (Xiaomi’s Logic)

Is Redmi K20 Pro Better Than iPhone XS?
Is Redmi K20 Pro Better Than iPhone XS?

We’ve recently presented you a market report stating that Xiaomi has been spotted as the #1 smartphone preferred by Indian smartphone users, in terms of functionality and budget friendly. We don’t need to stress enough that all of the phones released by Xiaomi since a couple of years are exemplary in performance and come at a very pocket friendly price range.

It is not just the lower end models but also the higher end counterparts that provide commendable performance that prove to be the consumers’ top picks among smartphones.

Xiaomi Claims Redmi K20 Pro to Be Better than New iPhones:

Xiaomi has recently launched its Redmi K20 Pro and it has not shredded even a step back in advertising it, surely for a good cause. We’ve already went ahead and compared it with the new OnePlus 7. It turns out that Xiaomi went another step and decided to compare its Redmi K20 Pro with the latest iPhone XS and XS Max .

In doing so, Xiaomi has concluded that its Redmi K20 Pro is a better model in terms of functionality and price, as compared to the aforementioned iPhone models. It has concluded this judgement on the basis of five major parameters.

How is Redmi K 20 Better than Latest iPhones?

1.Better Cooling

According to Xiaomi, Redmi K20 Pro offers better heat management, leading to better cooling as compared to the latest iPhones. This is because Redmi K20 Pro comes equipped with an 8-layered graphite stack coating, while iPhones today come with only a single layered coating, thereby providing lesser cooling effect as compared to K20 Pro.

2. AnTuTu Scores

For those of you who aren’t familiar with AnTuTu Benchmark, it is one of the most popular benchmarking apps for Android devices. After testing different parts of a device, it assigns them an overall score. It helps in comparing one device from another and its widely accepted, in terms of technicalities. It is also very useful if you are in a fix to download games with high performance graphics.

That being said, while comparing the iPhone XS with Redmi K20 Pro, it is found that Redi K20 Pro powered by  Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 ranks more score than the A12 Bionic chipset of the iPhone XS.

3. Weight

It bothers many a crowd to carry a phone which is heavier than an alternative model. Personally, we feel that lighter phones are clinically and generally more preferable. It will be news to you that the Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro is among Xiaomi’s lightest flagship phones, weighing 191 gram.

iPhone XS Max, on the other hand turns out to be heavier, weighing slightly more than 208 gram.

4. Lens

Xiaomi claims that he Redmi K20 Pro clicks better pictures as compared to iPhone XS, which is saying a lot because we all can agree how good iPhone Cameras are. Anyway, since Xiaomi has kept forth this statement of K20 Pro having better lens than iPhone XS, we’ve got to see into it.

Turns out that Redmi K20 Pro uses zoom lens, giving it a better telephoto lens as compared to iPhone XS.

5. Budget

Finally, what is more important when 2 phones with similar high-end features start outweighing each other? It is their price lines. We don’t need to tell you the price of an iPhone model as compared to any other smartphone. So, Remi K20 Pro provides similar high specs features, at a price of Rs 27,999.

Xiaomi believes that he Redmi K20 Pro offers way more value than the iPhone XS or XS Max.

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