Redmi K20 Pro Claims To Be World’s Fastest Smartphone; This Is Based On Latest AnTuTu Score

Redmi K20 Pro is world's fastest smartphone?
Redmi K20 Pro is world’s fastest smartphone?

Interestingly, Xiaomi has proved what it claimed a couple of days back. The company said its upcoming Redmi flagship is the fastest smartphone in the world, and today the scores are out with a verdict. Indeed Redmi K20 Pro is the fastest smartphone in the world currently as per the AnTuTu scores.

Redmi K20 Pro, along with the latest flagship from OnePlus: OnePlus 7 Pro runs on the same Snapdragon 855 chip.

OnePlus 7 Pro came out last month with some of the best of features starting at Rs 48,999 in the country.

While the company crafted out a top smartphone to beat some top flagships from Samsung and Apple, Xiaomi has a smartphone which could compete OnePlus 7 Pro itself.

Redmi K20 Pro closely shares the set of features as OnePlus 7 Pro with similar processors, camera sensors, pop-up technology and more.

Redmi K20 Pro Tops AnTuTu List, Becomes The Fastest Smartphone In The World

Redmi K20 Pro, with a score of 388,803 taking up the top spot in the AnTuTu listing. Xiaomi has been teasing Redmi K20 Pro as the fastest smartphone in the world, by repeatedly teasing at OnePlus 7 Pro.

The AnTuTu scores are out, and yes, its Redmi K20 Pro, the world’s new fastest phone.

This will immensely help Xiaomi to market its device against other major flagships in the market.

Xiaomi previously took a dig at other flagships well, especially OnePlus 7 Pro, the previous topper on the AnTuTu listing.

With the AnTuTu score of the Redmi K20 Pro outperforming OnePlus 7 Pro, it’s now the world’s fastest phone, but we need to wait to check how it performs in reality.

Redmi K20 Pro: Does Fast Means The Best?

Redmi K20 Pro now sits on top with the highest score on AnTuTu listing, but doesn’t mean it’s the best. We can definitely call it the best at the price it will sell for, but not necessarily the best in the world. A faster phone doesn’t mean it would be the best of all.

Xiaomi devices run on MIUI, and they are laggy. The user experience on a OnePlus device is far more superior, thanks to Oxygen OS.

Xiaomi with Snapdragon 855 chipset on top, it has been able to outperform OnePlus 7 Pro in terms of numbers. But the real life user experience needs to be put up to the test.

Qualcomm’s top chip may now have helped the Redmi K20 Pro to jump to the top, we need to wait who offers the most smoothest experience. It’s going to be an interesting fight, and see if OnePlus 7 Pro can actually be beaten, the most powerful smartphone in the world.

Redmi K20 Pro’s Price Analysis: How The ‘Fastest Smartphone’ Tag Will Help?

Redmi K20 Pro starts at around Rs 25,000 (converted), and this hits the bull’s eye in India, as we are a price-sensitive market. If you think price can’t kill premium, think again. Remember what Poco F1 did to OnePlus 6T last year.

Obviously Poco F1 wasn’t a better smartphone, but it did offer what a premium flagship should have, all at a very budget pricing.

Redmi K20 Pro would do the same.

The launch of Poco F1 impacted the OnePlus 6T sales badly, and the company lost the top spot in the premium smartphone market and later was forced to launch the successor, OnePlus 7 at a cheaper price.

Redmi K20 Pro certainly isn’t better than OnePlus 7 Pro, but it does have all the features a flagship would need, again all at a very budget price. And now with the tag of being the fastest smartphone in the world, things have become pretty interesting!

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