LGBT Support, Surrogacy, Gender Change & More: Flipkart Employees Can Now Choose Their Own Benefits Program

Having recently discussed in another story, the massive importance and perks of employee benefit programmes not only to employees but also for good long-term and happy contribution for employers, Flipkart announces a piece of good news encircling the same.

With a new initiative called FlexBen 2019, Flipkart is offering an employee benefit package, where the employees can choose their own benefit package, discarding the ‘one-size-fits-all’ norm. This will leverage offers for the LGBT couples, parenting choices and shall also include choices for single parents.

FlexBen 2019 Customizations for Employees

The E-commerce major Flipkart, now owned by Walmart has made some big announcements, advancing for the goodwill of its employees. It has introduced a customizable benefit package programme which employees can tune in according to their personal needs, as a part of the salary package. It is named FlexBen 2019.

It shall offer greater flexibility and choice in selecting and funding employee benefits. It will offer coverage for LGBT couples, choice of additional child care or parent care and more options for single employees. It will majorly cover for all benefits, including elder care and other enhanced benefits, like surrogacy, mental well-being, and gender reassignment surgery.

Flipkart is the 1st e-commerce organisation in the country to leverage such a healthy and such appreciated initiative in the favor of its employees. Not just that, it is among the few organisations in the world to have taken off such a commendable move.

What Made Flipkart Come Up with This Initiative?

Sure, every high level organization believes that a major role in their success is a contribution of their employees but some deeply value that. In case of Flipkart, it conducted an engagement survey with the employees to understand their preferences about the initial ‘common’ benefit pack.

It recently received several requests, where about 20% employees asked for more flexibility in benefits and 10% asked for wellness centres and gym benefits. The main aim behind this move is to provide every employee the freedom to choose their own based on their needs, including insurance and non-insurance options.

Flipkart believes to create a diversified and inclusive workplace through this step.

Flipkart ranked no. 1 in LinkedIn’s 2019 ‘Top Companies’ survey, for the third time since 2016 and 2017. Flipkart, with a customer base of over 150 million offering more than 80 million products across above 80 categories, is setting benchmarks for its competitors as well as other markets.

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