TCS Has More Crorepati Employees Than Infosys & HCL Combined; Here’s The Age Of Youngest TCS Crorepati

TCS has more crorepati employees than Infosys and HCL
TCS has more crorepati employees than Infosys and HCL

India’s largest IT and the world’s third largest IT services company has more crorepati employees than Infosys and HCL combined.

TCS has recently beaten IBM and Reliance in market capital.

Checkout more details about the crorepati employees of TCS!

Crorepati Employees in TCS Increases

As per financial numbers shared by TCS, there are a total of 103 crorepati employees in the company as of now.

This means that 103 employees of TCS are earning more than Rs 1 crore per year.

Last year, there were 91 crorepati employees, and the latest number of 103 is excluding the earnings made by CEO Rajesh Gopinathan and COO NG Subramaniam.

103 crorepati employees at TCS is more than the combined strength of crorepati employees at Infosys and HCL, which are at #2 and #3 position among the top 5 IT companies in India.

While Infosys has 64 employees who are earning more than crore a year, HCL has 28 crorepati employees. The number of crorepati employees in Infosys has in fact increased by 100% in the last year.

Interestingly, TCS crorepatis have a distinct advantage: the salary package doesn’t include the stock component.

Youngest & Oldest Crorepati Employees In TCS

The youngest crorepati employees in TCS are in the early 40s, while the eldest crorepati employee is aged Barindra Sanyal, aged 72, who is the Director of Finance.

Here are some of the top employees, who earned more than Rs 1 crore in TCS:

  • Rs 4.7 crore package of Debashis Ghosh, who is the Head of TCS’ life sciences, healthcare and public services business
  • Rs 4.1 crore package of Krishnan Ramanujam, who is the head of business and technology services
  • Rs 4.3 crore for K Krithivasan, who is the head of the company’s banking, financial services and insurance business
  • Rs 3.5 crore package for K Ananth Krishnan, who is the company’s chief technology officer
  • Rs 4.3 crore package for Pratik Pal, who is the former head of retail and consumer products, now moved to Tata Sons.

One of the reasons why TCS has managed to beat the likes of IBM and Reliance in creating market capital and is about to beat Adobe is the exciting career path and growth blueprint created for their associates and managers.

Here is another fact: Almost 25% of the crorepati employees in TCS had joined the company as a fresher, and didn’t move on.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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