Top 5 Leaks of the ‘Highly-Awaited’ iOS 13; Major Features of 2020 iPhone

We recently shared with you what all to expect with the upcoming Android 10 version, which is pretty cool. Not to lose the focus, we bring to you another article where we’ve covered the top 5 interesting features of the highly awaited update of iOS 13 for iPhone, iPad and even iPod Touch .

Along with this, for all the iPhone admirers out there, we shall give you a little sneak into the 2020 iPhone so that you can know beforehand what you’ve been putting up for.


Top 5 Features of iOS 13:

We are literally just 5 days from Apple’s WWDC event on June 3 in San Jose, where it will reveal all the major features of iOS 13 and its vision for the next year of mobile computing.

1.Dark Mode

The highly awaited, ‘dark mode’ is something that Apple is finally bringing about in the upcoming update. This can be enabled via Settings or Control Panel, including a high contrast version. On the Home screen, the only noticeable change is the Dock, which adopts a vibrant dark background instead of the light one. Such a dark theme looks great in apps, especially on an OLED device. This will also not work up the battery life.

2. Easily Accessible Screen Redesign:

Apparently, the screen design of iPhone X in 2017, was really big and honestly, slightly difficult to address with one hand. A relief has been aided in the iOS 13 version, where rather than using Reachability, you can shrink down user interface with the help of new sets of buttons that will help you navigate around and complete tasks easily, bringing the buttons and menus closer to the bottom of the screen, to your thumb.

3. New Undo Gesture and Smarter Mails:

There has been many complaints about the Undo system in iPhone and iPad. iOS 13 will have a new standard undo gesture for text input on the iPad. It will be a three-finger tap on the keyboard area, sliding left and right, allowing users to undo and redo actions.

The Mail app is getting smarter for the first time in a while. It will organize mails into categories like marketing, bills, “not important”, etc where they can be searched for. Mails can also be added to the “read later” queue.

4.Camera App Revamp and Four New Animojis

Apple‘s camera app is extremely basic and frankly, not very useful for tech-savvy iPhone owners. In the new iOS 13 update, Apple is rumoured to streamline the camera app and add certain advanced features and tools to it.

Animojis have been a major attraction to the iPhone holders. There are currently 24 Animoji is Apple’s iOS 12.2 roster and four new ones are added in the new update, supposedly of a cow, mouse, octopus and emoji face.

5.Change WiFi and Bluetooth Via Control Centre:

Connecting to new WiFi networks or Bluetooth devices without exiting the app you’re using is impossible. iOS 13 brings an overlay menu that lets you pick your connections without kicking you out of your current app. This would be especially handy when travelling and constantly cycling through multiple open WiFi networks.

Some Features of 2020 iPhones:

  • Apple iPhone 2020, with the addition of 5G is rumoured to have 3D sensing via rear cameras. It will have 4GB RAM, instead of 3GB.
  • Acoustic fingerprint technology that could allow full screen touch ID.
  • It will have OLED screens from LG.
  • The phone could also have three rear-facing cameras, a new mute button design, reverse-charging capabilities, dark mode and USB-C charging.
  • It will feature frosted glass casing, larger batteries and a bilateral charging feature, allowing users to charge AirPods or an Apple Watch by placing them on the back of the iPhone.

With such incredible and really necessary features, iOS 13 is highly awaited and we are hoping to see how the crowd responses to the new features of the update.

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