Using Public WiFi? Your Passwords Can Be Hacked! This Is How You Can Avoid This…

For every step forward the internet takes, it also jumps two paces backward.

WiFi can steal passwords
WiFi can steal passwords

One of the basic necessities of today, the WiFi has made things worse, which is the last thing expected from it. A study has revealed that the signal from WiFi is capable of revealing your passwords.

Passwords are probably the most important security feature for any of our accounts and its scary that they can be breached so easily: through your own WiFi signal.

Read on to know all about the newfound glitch in technology. And let’s hope it will be resolved soon.

The Windtalker Method

Researchers from Shanghai Jaio Tong University, the University of Massachusetts at Boston, and the University of South Florida conducted a study which proved that a radio signal can compromise the privacy of your passwords.

Professors from the universities explained how WiFi passwords can be stolen over a common WiFi. For this method to work, it requires the user and the hacker to be connected to the same WiFi. The chances of getting the password right at the first attempt through this method are 81.7%, even on a new device.

This method, called the Windtalker method, does not require any medium between two devices, nor any software installed on the phone of the user.

How Do WiFi Signals Reveal Passwords?

Firstly, hackers carry out parallel scanning of the WiFi signals that emerge from the victim’s device and retrieve the data that has been typed on the device. Hackers are required to identify the signals that arise from the victim’s device.

It is important that the hacker and the victim is connected to the same WiFi. If such a provision is not available, an ad hoc rogue WiFi network is created and offered to users as free WiFi.

Once both the devices are connected to the same WiFi, the finger movements of the user are checked. The directions and pace of the victim’s usage of the keys are traced carefully, and done! The data typed by the victim is out in the open for anyone to access and that rings a couple dozen warning bells for sure.

Do This To Protect Your Passwords!

Our devices are always at the risk of data privacy compromise and security breaches. All our important information and precious data can be frisked easily. Instead of regretting later, take precautions to protect your device from being hacked.

This is a serious form of infiltration of privacy and cannot be taken lightly!

Here’s how you can protect your device from being hacked:

  1. Use a VPN whenever you’re connected to a public WiFi.
  2. Change your passwords frequently, and make sure they are strong enough for no one to break through them easily.
  3. Avoid connecting your devices to public WiFi’s unless absolutely needed. Disable the option of auto-connect to any open public WiFi networks.
  4. Block other users from using your WiFi network.
  5. Use proper firewalls and antivirus software to protect your devices from coming into harm’s way.

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