Beware! WiFi Security ‘Kracked’ Globally; Every Wifi Router Open To Hacking!

Google has offered their "all possible help" to help all Android devices affected by this vulnerability.


Wifi Kracked Open To Hacks

WiFi, the term which has now become so common that we give don’t even give a second thought to Wifi security while encountering WiFi signals at home, office, malls, cinemas, markets, petrol pumps, metro, railway station and hotels.

We simply connect with the ones which are free, and try to get access which are paid/subscription based.

However, things can change very soon, as a researcher has discovered that WiFi routers – devices which connect your device with Internet using WiFi platform – can now be hacked.

In fact, as per the scary details which we will soon share, every active WiFi router, anywhere in the world, can now be hacked.

We are strongly recommending that until this issue is 100% resolved, don’t access any free WiFi network, anywhere.

The free ‘WiFi’ can be a bait to steal your information.

Is this the doomsday we have been fearing?

WiFi Routers KRACKED: It’s A Global Security Risk!

Security researched by the name of Mathy Vanhoef has revealed that WiFi security, globally, is now vulnerable to hacking and malware implantation, because a major security protocol associated with WPA2 network security has been breached.

The researcher has called this security vulnerability as KRACK – for Key Reinstallation Attacks, and every active WiFi router can be a victim of this loophole.

Here is the full paper on this issue.

Basically, due to this Wifi security issue, WPA2 network security opens up WiFi network to all, which can be exploited by hackers to install viruses and malwares into any device which is connected with that hacked WiFi network.

This can be your laptop, mobile, tablet or even desktop.

Mathy said that KRACK “can be abused to steal sensitive information such as credit card numbers, passwords, chat messages, emails, photos, and so on.”

WiFi Alliance Responds; Google Offers Help

Wi-Fi Alliance®, the world wide body which provides us with WiFi has issued a statement saying that no evidence exists which suggests that this security vulnerability has been exploited by anyone.

WiFi Alliance has has assured all that this security threat can be avoided by a simple software update, and there is nothing to panic.

In a statement, they said,

“This issue can be resolved through straightforward software updates, and the Wi-Fi industry, including major platform providers, has already started deploying patches to Wi-Fi users.”

Patches have already been shared on forums related with KRACK.

Google has said that they provide all possible help to fix Android devices which have been attacked.

Google said, “We’re aware of the issue, and we will be patching any affected devices in the coming weeks,”

Considering that the attacker and the hacker needs to connect with a WiFi device in order to hack any device, physical proximity is essential for entering into a device. And this is the reason it’s expansion is not that viral, compared to a virus or malware attack. Besides, websites with https protocol are relatively safer, compared to non-https websites.

Stay alert, and stay safe. And for time being, we repeat, avoid using free, unprotected WiFi network.

We will keep you updated as we receive more details.

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