Dish TV Offers Free 30 Days Subscription Under New Cable TV Rules – How To Get It?

Dish TV has restarted their long term plans now

Dish TV Free 30 Days offer
Dish TV Free 30 Days offer

India’s biggest DTH operator: Dish TV has announced free 30 days subscription for their users. The timing of this announcement is interesting, because effective April 1st, TRAI’s new cable TV regime has come into force, and every cable TV user is bound to choose new packs, and new plans.

However, if you haven’t chosen any new plan or pack, what will happen?

Keep reading to find out more.

Dish TV Free 30 Days: How To Avail The Offer?

In order to avail free 30 days subscription of Dish TV, users will be required to choose a long term plan for 11 months duration.

Free subscription offer by Dish TV is part of their promotional plan for long-term duration plans.

Here are the different offers:

Duration of Plan Free Subscription
3 months 7 Days Free subscription
6 months 15 days Free subscription
11 months or more 30 days Free subscription


Two pointers which users should be aware of:

  1. Users who choose 11 months or more will also get one free visit by their technician, for any issue.
  2. The free subscription for 7 to 30 days will be valid only on the new DTH packs and plans.

Dish TV’s Long Term Plans Are Back

Dish TV had earlier stopped all long term plans after TRAI introduced the new cable TV plans and packs, as there was ambiguity regarding the old packs.

It was not clear if any user who has selected an old long term plan would be eligible for the new long term plans or not.

But now, the doubts are cleared, and Dish TV, along with others are focussing only on the new plans. In case any user has any on-going long term pack, then first that plan will expire, and then he or she can choose a new pack.

Free 5 Months For d2H Users Under Long Term Packs

Dish TV owned d2H had earlier announced several long term plans, which had benefits upto 5 months of free subscription.

d2H’s long term plans have more option as they start from 3 months duration till 55 months duration. Free 5 months offer is with 55 months long plan, whereas 30 days free offer can avail with 11 months long plan, just like Dish TV.

Meanwhile, Tata Sky is also offering free 30 days access, under some conditions.

None the less, both Tata Sky and Airtel Digital are offering free access to all IPL 2019 matches for their users, which has proved to be a big hit with their audience.

We have already reported that Airtel and Dish TV are talking about a merger, which will create World’s largest DTH operator.

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