Tata Sky Offers One Month Free Credit With This Plan; Delhi HC Orders Release Of Seized STBs

Set Top Boxes were seized because it didn't had MRPs on them

One month free for Tata Sky users
One month free for Tata Sky users

India’s one of the biggest DTH operators: Tata Sky has unleashed a new offer for all users, wherein they can get free one month of credits, directly into their account.

This can trigger a new wave of offers and discounts, as other DTH operators and cable operators will be forced to match this.

Meanwhile, in a big relief for Tata Sky, Delhi High Court has ordered the Centre to immedietely release all seized Tatat Sky Set top boxes.

Why were they seized in the first place?


Tata Sky’s Free One Month Credit: How Does It Work?

Tata Sky users will need to choose their Annual Flexi Plan under the new Cable TV regime, and once that plan is chosen, the customer will get one month free credit.

However, there is a catch here: The customer will need to maintain a minimum balance on their Tata Sky account in order to get the one month free credit.

How To Avail One Month Free Credit From Tata Sky?

Say, your current plan charge is Rs 100 per month under the Annual Flexi Plan.

In that  case, you will need to maintain a balance of Rs 100 * 12 or Rs 1200 in your Tata Sky Account for 12 months. Once you do that, you will get one month’s credit: Rs 100 back on your account.

The free credit of one month will be deposited into your Tata Sky account after 360th day of the plan enrollment.

Can I Change My Plans In Between?

Yes, Tata Sky users can easily change their packs and channels under the Annual Flexi Plan. However, the balance maintaince requirement for 12 months will hold true in that case as well.

Say, after changing the channel packs and plans, your new monthly charges comes out to be Rs 300. In case, you will be required to maintain a balance of Rs 300 * 12 or Rs 3600 in order to get one month free credit.

This new offer of one month free credit has been launched to entice existing users into choosing long term packs, and this may set a new trend among all DTH providers.

Delhi High Court To Govt: Return Tata Sky’s Seized STBs

Govt. has seized more than 1 lakh STBs or Set Top Boxes from Tata Sky, for not displaying the MRP on them. Under the new Cable TV regime, TRAI has mandated that every STB sold should have MRP mentioned, and the customers can choose their own STBs.

However, now Delhi HC has ordered that all seized STBs need to be returned. Ministry Of Consumer Affairs can keep 5 STBs for research and investigation purpose.

A bench of Chief Justice Rajendra Menon and Justice A J Bhambani from Delhi HC passed this order. Tata Sky had argued that the rule to display STB doesn’t make sense, as they are not on sale.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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