Beware Spotify, Gaana, Saavn – Youtube Music Launches In India At Rs 99/Month; Free 3 Months

Youtube Music can be a big gamechanger in India. Find out why?

Youtube Music launches in India
Youtube Music launches in India

Days after World’s #1 online music streaming app: Spotify entered India, Youtube has announced the launch of Youtube Music for Indian music lovers.

This essentially changes the battle for online music streaming in India, as Youtube Music directly competes against the likes of Spotify, Gaana, Saavn and other major players in the space.

The biggest advantage for Youtube Music is that, more than 25 crore Indians already use Youtube on their mobiles, and this, can be the gamechanger for Youtube Music.

Youtube Music was globally launched in June last year, and right now, music lovers from 32 countries can access Youtube Music.

What are the USPs of Youtube Music? Keep reading to find out more!

Youtube Music: Main USPs

  1. Youtube Music is a standalone app, just like Youtube. Since Youtube Music is built on Youtube, users can not only listen to music but also watch videos. This is a huge differentiator compared with other music apps.
  2. The Youtube Music app plays even when minimized, unlike Youtube
  3. The app is highly personalized, and a solid algo works behind the scene to make it seamless. For instance, if you search for Kishore Kumar, the app will automatically suggest Mohd. Rafi as well.
  4. Users can create albums and playlists, and keep adding songs into that, just like Youtube. Recommendation engine works even better, as more and more playlists are created.

Youtube Music Premium: Rs 99 Per Month

The pricing has been kept very simple as of now. First-time users get 3 months free access to Youtube Music, and after that, Rs 99 per month is the charge.

Premium members will get ads-free music experience, the ability to play the app in the background and more than 100 songs downloads per month would be allowed.

The pricing is more or less same like that of the other players in India: Gaana’s paid subscription starts at Rs 99/month; Saavn offers paid plans at Rs 99/month and Spotify is a bit costly at Rs 199 per month.

Youtube Premium, Youtube Originals Launched

Along with Youtube Music, Youtube has also launched Youtube Premium and Youtube Originals in India.

Youtube Premium is priced at Rs 129/month, and the subscription of Youtube Music and Youtube Originals is included into that. Besides ad-free and background play option, Youtube Premium can also download millions of videos and songs on Youtube.

Youtube Originals will offer exclusive TV series and movies on their platform, just like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Are you a Youtube Premium and/or Youtube Music paid subscriber? Share your experience right here!

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