YouTube Music vs JioSaavn vs Spotify: Which Among Them Is More ‘Indian’?

Who will win the online music streaming battle in India?

YouTube Music vs JioSaavn vs Spotify
YouTube Music vs JioSaavn vs Spotify

The recent launch of Spotify and YouTube Music in the country have spurred up a new war in the Indian music streaming industry.

Spotify has been among one the most awaited services since years.

While already we had our own JioSaavn, Gaana and Wynk, the latest services will disrupt the music scenario. While Spotify enjoys a huge popularity in the country, YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform.

JioSaavn is the most popular music streaming platform in India.

So, let’s compare JioSaavn with the two new services Spotify and YouTube Music to see who’s the best suited for the Indian audience.


YouTube Music vs JioSaavn vs Spotify: In-Depth Comparison

Spotify is most subscribed music streaming platform in the world and YouTube is the most popular platform for streaming music.

So, see JioSaavn how fights up the two music streaming giants.


India is a diverse country with several languages. For a music streaming company operating in India, it’s really important for it to have most of the songs available in different regional languages. International music only has a handful of takers.

JioSaavn: 15

Spotify: 7

YouTube Music: Not Specified, Expected To Available In All Indian Languages

JioSaavn and YouTube Music here enjoys a clear majority with a wide number of languages available on its platform, perfect for a typical Indian user.

Free Features

As Indians, we love free things. Be it mobile data or movies or music, Indians prefer things for free. We don’t bother much about ads as long as the service is free. So, it’s really important to see whether all the features are available with the free version or not.

YouTube Music: All tracks available for free with ads

Spotify: All tracks available with ads after every sixth song

JioSaavn: All tracks and lyrics available with ads

All the three music streaming services offer all it’s services in the free version with support for ads.

Music Collection

Up next, the most important factor, music collection. YouTube Music and Saavn has a huge library comprising of both Indian and International artists, Spotify still needs to pick up in terms of regional music.

JioSaavn: 45 million

Spotify: 40 million+

YouTube Music: Will Support All Songs From YouTube

While Spotify has a huge collection of international music, JioSaavn and YouTube Music leads the table with regional music.

This is more about your personal preference, as all the three have a massive music library comprising of tracks from different genres and categories.

Pricing & Free Trial Period

All three music streaming services come with free trial periods. So, you can test all the three before signing up for any paid service. YouTube Music and JioSaavn offer the highest free trial service at 90 days.

YouTube Music: Free 90 Days, Then Rs 99 for 1 month (Rs 129 with YouTube Premium)

Spotify: Free 30 Days, Then Rs 119 for 1 month; Rs 1,189 for 1 year

JioSaavn: Free 90 Days, Then Rs 99 for 1 month; Rs 999 for 1 year

Spotify offers a special 50 percent off on long term plans to students, missing on both YouTube Music and JioSaavn.

YouTube Music also has a special family plan available at Rs 129 for 6 people a month, a feature missing on the other two music streaming services.

If you are getting a paid version, there are a ton of features additionally available. All the three services curate playlists for you with no ads and recommended playlists.

YouTube Music: Unlimited ad-free tracks, full-range of curated playlists, recommended playlists, Download songs offline, Unlimited Radio, Music Videos

Spotify: Unlimited ad-free tracks, unlimited skips, full-range of curated playlists, Download songs offline, HD Audio

JioSaavn: Unlimited ad-free tracks, Download songs offline, HD Audio

In terms of paid features, YouTube Music and Spotify offers the best of features with offline downloads.

Music Streaming Quality

Music streaming quality plays an important role in playback performance. Better bitrate offers better sound output with HD quality audio. You can only enjoy higher bitrate in paid versions of each of the service.

JioSaavn: 320 kbps (paid); 160 kbps (unpaid)

Spotify: 320 kbps (paid); 96 kbps (mobile unpaid); 160 kbps (PC unpaid)

YouTube Music: Not Specified

Offline Downloads

All the three services offer offline downloads in paid version, where JioSaavn offers unlimited downloads. YT Music and Spotify come with a 50,000 offline downloads cap.

JioSaavn: Unlimited

Spotify: 50,000

YouTube Music: 50,000

YouTube Music vs JioSaavn vs Spotify: CONCLUSION

The music market in India is vastly diverse. Languages being the biggest barrier for international players, JioSaavn have done a pretty good job in curating music from different parts of India. Spotify will find it difficult in that space initially. JioSaavn currently offers music in more than 15 languages while Spotify now only offers content in just 7 languages.

YouTube Music, on the other hand, has access to almost every language with it’s video streaming platform backing it.

JioSaavn and YouTube Music has the natural advantage over Spotify in terms of languages and regional content. Though, in comparison, Spotify has the most number of international artists on it’s platform when it comes to global music.

Finally, in terms of pricing, Spotify is quite cheaper in India at Rs 1,189 per year. Spotify also has a 50 percent student discount available on the monthly subscription package. JioSaavn charges you Rs 999 a year.

YouTube Music charges Rs 99 monthly and Rs 129 for the YouTube Premium service, offering both YouTube and YouTube Music without ads.

The YouTube Premium package at just Rs 129 a month pushes it way ahead of both Spotify and JioSaavn. It will be more of like a Amazon Prime subscription offering both bundled features in a package.

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