Here Is Why Microsoft Excel Is Getting Tons Of 1-Star Ratings – The Surf Excel Connection?

Microsoft Excel and Surf Excel are NOT partners!

Why MS Excel getting 1-star ratings?
Why MS Excel getting 1-star ratings?

Surf Excel put up one advertisement which featured a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy and that is what set the ball rolling towards one of the hugest controversies the country has ever seen. And taking one for the team is Microsoft Excel who is braving the poor ratings and reviews by  ‘patriots.’

Read on to know about this rather amusing turn of events!

Surf Excel’s Advertisement and Controversy

Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) has recently come up with an advertisement on the occasion of the upcoming festival of Holi. This advertisement promotes Surf Excel’s marketing campaign ‘Daag Acche Hain.’ However, this advertisement has rubbed off many people the wrong way.

In this short video advertisement, a little girl is roaming a street on a cycle and gets intentionally splashed with colors to help a young Muslim boy around to get to his mosque and pray. When Surf Excel came up with this ad, they probably thought that it would depict harmony between Hindus and Muslims but it turned out to be something they never expected.

Reactions by the Social Media

This advertisement, and thereby Surf Excel, was subjected to a severe backlash by netizens and social media. Apparently, social media is in two minds about this whole scenario. While some people think it is a sweet depiction of communal harmony and innocence of children, there are others who are of the opinion that the advertisement spreads a negative message about Holi. To be specific, netizens have started making speculations that Surf Excel shows Holi and its celebrations of splashing colors in a negative light by calling the colors‘ Daag.’

It doesn’t take long anymore to make anything viral. People have started spreading around requests asking everyone to boycott the brand on Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, people have been coming up with hashtags like #BoycottSurExcel and #BoycottHindustanUnilever to show their response to the ‘discretion’ by Surf Excel.

Microsoft Excel Receives Poor Ratings and Reviews

Unaware of the whole issue and probably caught off guard, Microsoft Excel has been on the receiving end of the backlash as well. Deeming the ad and therefore the brand as ‘anti-national,’ people are under the illusion that Microsoft Excel has somehow teamed up with Surf Excel. Microsoft Excel is bearing the brunt of wrongly focused negative ratings and reviews on Google Play.

Apparently, there are some people who have been giving the app five-star ratings in order to make up for the app being rated 1 star and the downpour of negative reviews.

Here are some reviews that people have left on the Google Play App of Microsoft Excel, and some Twitter reactions:

Angry reactions against Microsoft Excel?
Angry reactions against Microsoft Excel?
Hatred towards a brand, due to religious reasons?
Hatred towards a brand, due to religious reasons?

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