BSNL Salary Issue: Govt. Says Every Employee Will Get Salary Before Holi; Releases Rs 171 Crore

For the first time in 18 years, BSNL employees haven't received their salaries

BSNL employees will get salaries, finally
BSNL employees will get salaries, finally

This is the darkest phase for employees of state-run telecom carrier BSNL, as they haven’t received their salary for February yet. In some cases, employees have not received the wages for last 6 months, and things are gloomy.

Govt. has finally responded to this severe issue, and as per reports coming in, things are being sorted.

Govt.: Every BSNL Employee Will Get Salary

Govt. has come out, and have assured that every BSNL employees will get their February salary before Holi this month.

To start with, the Department of Telecom or DoT, has released an urgent Rs 171 crore for paying salaries to 23,000 MTNL employees.

Although MTNL is not part of BSNL, but both come under DoT. MTNL provides telecom services to Mumbai and Delhi, besides Mauritius.

An unnamed DoT official confirmed this development, as he said, “We have released Rs 171 crore on Tuesday for MTNL to pay salaries and arrears to its employees. The BSNL management and employee unions have been convinced that their salaries will be paid before the festival of Holi.”

BSNL Salary?

For BSNL employees, Govt. has said that more than 1.6 lakh employees will get their salaries before Holi. The salary allocation for BSNL employees will be done from BSNL’s cashflow account, and no separate funds have been allocated.

Approximately Rs 850 crore is required for clearing salaries of all BSNL employees, which will be delivered before March 21, 2019.

The unnamed official said,  “BSNL will be able to pay all salaries and dues amounting to Rs 850 crore before March 21.”

BSNL’s Salary Issue: The Root Cause

BSNL spends almost 50% of their annual revenues on employees’ salaries. In 2014, BSNL earned Rs 26,396 crore in revenue but paid Rs 13,856 cr as salary.

Last year, BSNL’s revenues dropped to Rs 11115 crore, whereas expenses were Rs 15959 crore , out of which majority was salary expenses. Except for Andaman and Kerala, BSNL hasn’t been able to book profit anywhere in India.

Overall, BSNL has a debt of Rs 31,000 crore, which is lowest among all telecom providers.

We will keep you updated as we receive more information on BSNL salary issue.

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