6 Million To 6 Thousand: Amazon’s Desi Store Removes Products Due To New Ecommerce Policy

The E-commerce Policy is brutal to online shopping portals.

Amazon's Desi Store Removes Products Due To New Ecommerce Policy
Amazon’s Desi Store Removes Products Due To New Ecommerce Policy

For people who don’t particularly enjoy shopping, online shopping is the easy way out and portals like Amazon, Flipkart, have made it way easier than it has ever been. But, like a dark cloud to a silver lining, the FDI rules have made it almost impossible for Indian consumers to buy products from the US directly through Amazon’s Global Store in India.

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Amazon Global Store Dwindling

There has been a drastic fall in the number of items listed on Amazon’s Global Store, making the portal even less popular. Amazon’s Global Store is owned by Amazon Experts Sales LLC which sells in India directly. It was launched in late 2016, and in February, the numbers reached an all-time high to 6 million products, which fell down to 6000 in the last month. These numbers are as per a data platform on online marketplaces, Marketplace Pulse.

As per a person, closely familiar with the ongoing matter, “The first urgency was to take care of the India business. Over the past few weeks, gradually, Global Store has become non-existent.”

Amazon Lessens Stakes

As per the new FDI rules, sellers who own an equity interest from the marketplace are not allowed to sell on that portal itself.

Apparently, to be able to continue business with the core entities, like Cloudtail and Appario, Amazon lessened its stake in the seller firms.

After China and Mexico, India was the third market where people were able to buy stuff directly from the market of the US through the local marketplace. In the past recent years, Indians bought goods and products directly from the US at popular sale events like Black Friday.

Soon after its launch in 2016, Amazon put up a separate webpage on its site for global products for Indian buyers. But, as checked by last weekend, this webpage has been taken down and does not exist anymore.

As per reports, Interested buyers can still buy from the website, but there are a lot of limitations concerning payment methods and the overall shopping experience.

The New E-Commerce Policies and Online Shopping

The new e-commerce policy which came into effect February 2019 has churned up a lot of complaints and discontentment overall. Amazon saw its products vanish totally on its site, like pantry items, baby diapers, and more such products.

The rules of the FDI made a new event happen – Amazon and Flipkart teamed up to fight the government over the e-commerce policy.

What will be the end results of the new e-commerce policies? Share your opinions with us right here in the comments section!

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