ICICI Bank Alert: Avoid Damaging Your Debit Cards Inside ATMs, Don’t Do This!

Follow ICICI's instructions and keep your card safe.

ICICI issues instructions to avoid damage to ATM cards
ICICI issues instructions to avoid damage to ATM cards

At a time when ATM frauds are at an all-time high, heavy measures are being implemented to keep the money of the citizens safe and secure. Previously, RBI had made it compulsory for ATM card users to switch to ATM cards using EMV chips. Now, ICICI bank has warned its users to employ the necessary precautions while using ATM cards and pins.

What are the instructions given out by ICICI? Read on to know all about them!

New Technology and Its Drawbacks

Technology is constantly upgrading and for some people, it is definitely hard to keep up with it. ATM machines are no exceptions to this and they are subjected to regular and timely updated with new systems that ensure tight security. The latest one is a system which locks the card in place when inserted till the time the transaction is completed.

Customers have been asked by their banks to make sure they discontinue using old ATM cards and get new ones that are embedded with EVM chipsets. Customers have also been requested to use their ATM cards with care as improper use might lead to the damage of the cards.

ICICI is one of the banks that has installed this system and warning their customers to be aware of the new system. Customers forget about it and often forget to pull out their ATM card after finishing the transaction. This leads to irreparable damage in the ATM cards, especially the EVM chips embedded.

Customers are also going through another hassle of losing their ATM cards to the ATM machines after forgetting to pull the card out even after the machine asked them to do so.

Instructions by ICICI

ICICI, one of the largest private lenders has already taken care to warn its customers against such unfortunate happenings. Additionally, ICICI has issued a set of instructions for customers to follow in case any mishap happens:

  1. To verify any initiated transaction, the new ATM machines will grab on to the ATM cards. But make sure not to pull it out forcefully.
  2. The ATM machine will let go of the card once the transaction is finished.
  3. When the light on the ATM slot turns green, that is the time you can withdraw your card. The green light is a signal used to notify the customer to collect their card.
  4. There is a chance that the LED on the car might not work. In such a case, wait for the ATM screen to display the message. Withdraw the card from the card slot only after the ATM screen displays this message.
  5. If in case you forget to collect the ATM card, avoid getting it back by harming the machine. Instead, contact the bank and ask them to block the card. Another way out is to log in to the ICICI net banking website and block the card to prevent any misuse of it.

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