Indian Rail’s Biggest Push For Digital Payments: IRCTC iPay, Their Own Payment Gateway!

Online Payment Platform By The IRCTC Without Third Party Invasion

IRCTC's own Digital payments launched
IRCTC’s own Digital payments launched

Digital India is no longer a distant dream for the nation and IRCTC has also joined the revolution. In a step forward to digitalize India, Indian Railways has introduced an online payment platform, which is called IRCTC iPay.

Read on to know more all about the new gateway, IRCTC iPay.

No Third Party Intrusion!

IRCTC, the Indian Rail Catering and Tourism Corporation, has launched a new digital payments platform.

This app will give users a better and smoother experience while booking their tickets and any other travel related facilities that they want to avail.

Apparently, this new platform will not include any third party for transactions. It will provide users with options such as credit card, debit card, unified payment interface, international card. This will definitely be a hassle-free experience for railway travelers. Also, the Indian Railways is planning to introduce the options of IRCTC prepaid card-cum-wallet and auto debit soon.

As per IRCTC, “This will help reduce the gap between IRCTC and banks which will eventually lead to a substantial reduction in payment failures.

Moreover, in case an online transaction is unsuccessful or some other error occurs, IRCTC can directly get in touch with the bank instead of relying on an intermediate source which usually delays the process.”

IRCTC to Directly Correspond with Banks

In this new platform, IRCTC will maintain a direct relationship with the banks, card providers and other partners, etc. This will enable IRCTC to be fully in charge of the total payment process. Also, payment failures will no longer be a hindrance to customers, as IRCTC will now correspond directly with the banks and ATM card providers.

If in case such an incident occurs, it will be quite easier to deal with, given that IRCTC will get in touch with the bank directly and provide an easy and quick solution to payment delays.

IRCTC has assured that IRCTC iPay will be a passenger friendly, and easy to use. This platform will be reliable and fast as well.

Rail Drishti for Users

Railway minister, Piyush Goyal has recently introduced an innovative platform, Rail Drishti, which is an online dashboard for users that will ensure transparency and accountability. This will be a single platform from where users will be able to access any information about railways through numerous sources. Any information regarding railways will be available on this portal and can be accessed by anyone and from anywhere.  

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