Democratization Of Reservation Charts: You Can Check Vacant Berths & Claim It; TTE Cannot Deny!

Now, no more running behind TTE to get a vacant berth

Reservation charts are now in public domain
Reservation charts are now in public domain

In a big move, Indian Railways has decided to democratize the whole process of berth allocation in reserved berths.

From now on, passengers can easily check the berth allocation of any train, and based on that, they can claim any vacant seats/berth in the train.

TTE cannot even deny this demand!

Berth Allocation: How This Happened Before

Before, berth allocation was a very private affair.

If your ticket is waiting list or RAC, then the only thing you could have done is approach the TTE, and request for a vacant berth.

Only the TTE had the information about vacant berths, and most of the cases, they demand a bribe to get you a seat/berth.

This corruption happened because of lack of information: If you have ever ventured out for a 24 hours journey with a waiting list ticket, you will get the pain. TTE had the power to make or break your journey.

But not anymore!

Reservation Charts Are Now Open, And Available Online

Now, reservation charts, and occupancy of berths in every coach of every train is out there in the open, on IRCTC website.

You can check the vacant berths, and claim that from the TTE. As per notifications issued, TTE cannot deny that seat/berth anymore.

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal said, “Complete information of vacant berths from train source as well as intermediate locations will be available to the user. Prospective customer can use the information for onboard booking of vacant berths by TTE as per business rules. This feature is available in web as well as mobile version.”

The layout of 8 types of coaches are now available, and the passenger can view the graphical representation of the allocated and vacant seats, just like airlines seats.

How To Check Vacant Berths In Any Train?

Step 1: Open or IRCTC App

Step 2: There will be a new option of  “Charts/Vacancy” in both the website and app

Step 3: You need to enter the train number, journey date and boarding station to view the charts

Step 4: You can filter the data based on class-wise and coach-wise allocation of berths

Step 5: Click on a specific coach and view the graphical representation of the seat allocation. Check which berths will be vacant at which station and more such information.

Note here, that from now on, there will two charts prepared: the First chart will be prepared 4 hours before the train departure. And the 2nd chart will be prepared 30 minutes before the departure to accommodate any last minute changes.

We will keep you updated, as we receive more information.

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