Xiaomi Blocks MIUI Updates For These 6 Redmi Phones | Manually Download MIUI In 10 Steps!

Xiaomi's decision to stop MIUI updates can have impact several users.

Xiaomi blocks MIUI Updates
Xiaomi blocks MIUI Updates | Manually Download MIUI

India’s biggest smartphone brand has decided to block the updates for some its existing devices. The old Redmi devices will no more receive any MIUI update or support from Xiaomi.

The MIUI updates for the selected old Xiaomi phones has been ceased.

The company confirmed the news via an update on its forum. It’s completely stopping all the future MIUI updates for these Xiaomi phones which includes old Redmi and Mi phones.

No More MIUI Updates For These Xiaomi Devices

Xiaomi has several smartphones available in the Indian market under different series. Since 2014, the company has roared to the top spot within a period of less than four years enjoying over a 30 per cent market share. To add, Xiaomi recently updated most of its old phones like Mi 4, Redmi S2 and more.

It’s not OnePlus who will update all it’s old phones and Xiaomi is now aging as well with a huge product line. It’s not possible for the company to push new updates to smartphones which are not capable of running the latest softwares.

Even its recent devices like Poco F1 and Redmi Note 5 have already received the latest MIUI 10 UI, with several phones with an OTA on the way. But sadly, some of the old Xiaomi phone users won’t receive the latest MIUI 10, or any other update in the future.

The Xiaomi smartphones which will no longer receive any MIUI update:

  • Redmi Note 3
  • Redmi Note 3 Pro
  • Mi 5
  • Mi 4
  • Mi 4C
  • Mi 4S

Xiaomi announced the update at the MIUI Forum in China to confirm the stoppage of any further MIUI updates for some in the future.

Upcoming Xiaomi Phones Expected To Be Stop Receiving Updates

Xiaomi has blocked the MIUI updates for Redmi Note 3 series, Mi 4 series and Mi 5. The company will coon soon stop the software updates for the other phones in the series as well. Xiaomi will probably stop the MIUI updates Mi 4, Mi 4S, Mi 4C, Mi 5S and Mi 5S Plus in the coming days future.

The list includes Redmi Note 3 series, so up next is the bestselling Redmi Note 4 and Redmi 4 series.

The company may stop the future updates for Redmi Note 4 within a period of probably 8 to 10 months. The Xiaomi smartphones expected to join the block list soon are:

  • Redmi Note 4
  • Redmi 4
  • Redmi 4A
  • Redmi Note 4X (Qualcomm model)
  • Redmi Note 4 (MediaTek model)
  • Redmi Note 3 4G

As of now, it’s the Redmi Note 3, Redmi Note 3 Pro, Mi 5, Mi 4, Mi 4C, and Mi 4S which will no longer receive any MIUI update. So, the users of the phones can enjoy their last version upgrade till MIUI 10.2 UI.

How To Sideload MIUI Update? Manually Download MIUI

You can manually download and install the future MIUI updates. Do note that this may impact the device performance, so solely your responsibility as a user whether you wanr to ssideload any further MIUI update on any of these devices which has been barred by Xiaomi for future updates.

The Global Stable ROM MIUI over-the-air (OTA) update remains restricted to selected devices.

To Manually Download MIUI, follow the steps:

Step 1. Unlock the bootloader.

Step 2. Now you need to fastboot. You have to download the Mi Flash Tool for your device.

Step 3. Download Recovery ROM. This will help you to save your data and files in internal storage.

Step 4. Download the Recovery ROM, and rename the downloaded ROM to update.zip on your computer.

Step 5. Connect your device via USB cable and copy the ROM file downloaded into the root directory.

Step 6. Launch Updater app and select Reboot to Recovery mode to enter.

Step 7. Hold both Volume Up button and Power button to enter Recovery mode.

Step 8. Install update.zip to the System One and confirm, and your device will begin updating automatically.

Step 9. Choose the update with the package option in the Updater app.

Step 10. Go to Download > Choose files from Recovery ROM zip file and select OK. Once it verifies the package, it will start rebooting automatically.

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