OnePlus 5G Phone Planned For 2020, Blame Telcos For Delay; Will Store Indian Users Data Locally

OnePlus has said that they will never launch a budget segment phone in India

Oneplus 5G phone will come in 2020
Oneplus 5G phone will come in 2020

And finally, OnePlus too has announced the big move, related with Indian users’ data. From now on, OnePlus will store data of all Indian users in local servers, thereby complying with Govt’s rule regarding the same.

Besides, OnePlus’ first 5G phone will come to India only in 2020.

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OnePlus: Local Data Will Be Stored Locally

In an interview, CEO Pete Lau has confirmed that they will move all Indian users’ data to local servers, to comply with Indian Govt.’s regulations pertaining to data security and data privacy.

OnePlus will use Amazon Server to host data of Indians.

Pete said, “We have taken the decision to relocate servers that house data of Indian consumers to India. All data of Indians are on Amazon web servers,”

Way back in 2015, Govt. of India had ordered to all tech companies to start moving their data inside India. This year, Xiaomi decided to move their data to India: They had no problem to this diktat.

Amazon, Google too has decided to store their data locally, to comply with data localization rules. Card processing companies like Amex, Mastercard, Visa too have to move their data to India, but they are still resisting.

In this case of OnePlus, Pete did admit that the fear of data theft and privacy violations is part of our perceptions, and may/may not be true after all.

He said, “These are issues (data privacy) created out of historical perceptions, rather than what China is now…from the Indian market perspective, consumers know we are a global brand and that’s what they like about us,”

5G Phone From OnePlus

On the issue of 5G phone launch in India, Pete has said that it will take some time.

In India, OnePlus will most probably launch their first 5G phones in 2020, along with Smart TVs. Using Qualcomm’s latest 855 processors, OnePlus will launch their first 5G phone in Europe next year, followed by US in the end of 2019, and finally in India in 2020.

Indirectly, he blamed telecom operators for the delay, as he said, “We don’t have definite information from the carrier side on 5G networks being deployed in India. Globally, the first half of 2019, we are looking at Europe. The second half, we will explore with other carriers in Europe and also in the US,”

TRAI Official had earlier stated that India will become a 5G nation by 2022.

OnePlus Smart TV in India

OnePlus CEO has declared that India will be among the first nations to get OnePlus Smart TV, which will be launched as a flagship brand.

India, as per OnePlus, will become an important research hub for their company, and the decision to launch their biggest research center in Hyderabad is part of that plan.

It seems that OnePlus Smart TV is being developed and researched at their Hyderabad facility itself.

Pete also stated that they won’t be launching any budget segment smartphone, as it will harm their reputation.

He said, “If we were to enter a lower segment, that would disrespectful of what people expect from us.”

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