OnePlus Will Open Their Biggest R&D Centre In India; Oppo’s 5G Video Call Is A Success

OnePlus and Oppo, both have set their eyes on the future.

Oppo sets eye on 5G
Oppo sets eye on 5G

OnePlus has recently entered the list of top five mobile companies globally. With handsets that work as smooth as their build, they have earned their places in the hearts of people in no time at all and seem quite determined to make a permanent home there.

From creating a popular presence among the netizens via charming tactics to setting a Guinness World Record, OnePlus has always managed to be in the headlines. The newest scoop is that the renowned company is planning to launch a new Research and Development facility in India.

OnePlus’ Biggest R&D Centre in Hyderabad

Although the company’s cellphone prices are steadily scaling new heights, the population of India is one of the biggest buyers of OnePlus cellphones. Hyderabad, known for being a technologically advanced city with a lot of talent to offer, has been finalized for the location of the R&D Centre.

OnePlus plans to incorporate with the ‘Make in India’ strategy and hire resources from top engineering colleges in India which like IIT Mumbai and IIT Delhi.

OnePlus founder Pete Lau said, “We plan to re-focus our R&D efforts on a large scale and drive innovations in India for the global product, especially on the software side with a special emphasis on artificial intelligence and machine learning.”

This is a good news for us Indians as the new R&D will definitely result in a boost in employment and productivity. Also, OnePlus has already commenced production of PCBs locally and other units required for a smartphone.

Oppo completes world’s first multiparty video call enabled by 5g

On the other hand, Oppo, the sibling company of OnePlus, became the world’s first company to complete a multiparty video call on a smartphone that supported 5g. This confirmed the progress the company has been making to be one of the first company in the world to launch 5g enabled smartphones in 2019.

Six engineers from the company’s R&D facilities all over the world were a part of the 17-minute video call made through the Chinese app WeChat.

Reports stated, “The video call was completed on an R15 Pro-Based 5g smartphone. For the 5G test, OPPO used Keysight’s UXM test set and 5G New Radio (NR) network emulation solutions for protocol and RF performance validation in sub-6GHz frequency bands (FR1).”

What with launching the biggest R&D facility in Hyderabad and Oppo breaking all records to complete the world’s first video call enabled by 5g, it is clear that technology is rapidly progressing and how!

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