Camera Most Important For 89% Indians; Data Usage Will Explode To 11 Million MBs By 2022!

More than RAM and ROM, Indians want a better camera in new smartphones.

Camera Most Important For 89% Indians; Data Usage Will Increase by 73%.
Camera Most Important For 89% Indians; Data Usage Will Increase by 73%.

Smartphones are no longer a medium of only calling other people, but a source of plenty of other innovative features. The criteria checked before buying a cell phone is a very long list, ranging from camera clarity, internal storage and what not. As per new reports coming in, most buyers consider the camera quality as the most important feature while buying a phone.

What else do smartphone buyers check for before buying a smartphone? Read on to know all about it!

Brand Names No Longer Attract Buyers

The quality of the smartphone’s camera is what 89 percent of smartphone buyers look out for. This is followed by RAM at 79 percent buyers and internal memory stands third with 72 percent smartphone buyers looking for it.

These statistics are as per a survey, CMR’s Mobile Industry Consumer Insight (MICI), conducted by the CyberMedia Research (CMR). Apparently, buyers no longer are drawn towards the brand names, like Samsung, Nokia, Oppo, etc. rather they are inclined more towards experimenting and exploring the plethora of options available out there.

The survey also clarified the other factors on which buyers focus on before choosing their perfect model of a smartphone. Overall product quality which is opted for by 92 percent buyers, 90 percent of people focus on product performance, 82 percent on product aesthetics, whereas, 76 percent of buyers focus on reliable after-sales service, with fast turnaround time.

Narinder Kumar, Lead Analyst-IIG, CMR, said, “Indian consumers, especially post-millennials and Gen-Z are very demanding. For them, product design, quality, and overall value for money are of critical importance.” He also went on to say that at a time where brands are locking horns and the competition is enormous, “brands that invest in ensuring product quality and other softer aspects, win big.”

Data Consumption in India to Grow Exponentially

And by exponentially, we mean that the data consumption is estimated to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) by 73%. The actual numbers are estimated to go up to 10,96,58,793 million MB by 2022.

As per the Assocham-PwC (The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India) study, the data consumption was 71,67,103 million MB in 2017, which will go up to the 10,96,58,793 million MB (megabytes) in 2022.

The report said, “Social media and technology platforms, instead of content creators and packages, have emerged as the primary beneficiaries of the increase in user time and spending.”

In the past, mobile phone users employed their devices only for communication purposes, like calling and texting. However, most of the bill of the phones now amounts to internet data costs.

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