4,000mAh Battery Charged In 17 Minutes: 5 Impressive Facts About Xiaomi’s 100W Charger

Is this a revolution in the batter and power segment? Has Xiaomi really cracked the code?

Xiaomi's battery disruption
Xiaomi’s battery disruption

The world has been amazed by Huawei SuperCharge technology and Oppo Super VOOC or the Warp Charge by OnePlus. But Xiaomi has something which can revolutionize the battery industry at a go.

The company has unveiled its 100W charging technology, and it’s super freaking.

The Xiaomi 100W super-fast charging technology can charge a 4,000mAh device from 0 to 100 in just 17 minutes. It has beaten the second fastest charging technology, Super VOOC from Oppo by a massive margin.

Fastest Charging Technologies
Xiaomi 100W Charge 100W
Huawei SuperCharge 65W
Oppo Super VOOC 50W
OnePlus Warp Charge 50W


Here are a few things you must know about the upcoming 100W Xiaomi charging technology.


World’s First 100W Charger: Xiaomi 100W Fast Charger

The Xiaomi 100W charger is the world’s first 100W charger. The Xiaomi charger can juice up a device from 0 to 100 per cent in just freaking 17 minutes. The company released a video comparing it with a Oppo device being charged by a Super VOOC charger.

The Oppo device with a 3,700mAh battery only managed to charge around 65 percent in 17 minutes.

In comparison, the Xiaomi 100W fast charger powered up a 4,000 mAh battery in just 17 minutes. Had the Xiaomi device the same battery capacity as the Oppo phone, it would have done it in 15.5 minutes.

Xiaomi 100W Fast Charger: Twice As Fast As Oppo’s Super VOOC Charging Technology

Xiaomi has claimed that it’s 100W fast charging technology is almost twice as fast as Oppo Super VOOC fast charging technology. Previously we tested the Oppo Find X, and it took a little more than 35 minutes to finish with a 3,730mAh battery under the hood.

So, if Xiaomi can charge up a 4,000mAh battery smartphone under 17 minutes, it’s definitely faster than the Oppo technology.

Redmi Will Mass Produce 100W Xiaomi Fast Chargers

Xiaomi recently separated Redmi to label it as an independent sub-brand. The new company will now only be focusing on budget flagship smartphones. Redmi will be the first to mass produce the 100W Xiaomi fast charger.

While Redmi is supposed to sell budget devices only, customers may have to separately purchase the Xiaomi 100W fast charger to enjoy super fast charging.

If a Redmi phone comes packed with Xiaomi’s 100W fast charging technology, the cost may also see a jump as well.

100W SuperCharge Turbo: Xiaomi’s 100W Charging Technology

Xiaomi will be officially calling it’s superfast charging technology as 100W SuperCharge Turbo. The Xiaomi 100 SuperCharge Turbo feature may debut today with company’s Mi Air notebook. The charger will be able to deliver 100W charge at a current and voltage rating of 5A and 20V respectively.

The engineers at Xiaomi have successfully tested its 100W fast charging technology, and are ready to enter mass production.

Xiaomi’s First Big Breakthrough In Fast Charging Tech

Xiaomi has been way behind with it’s fast charging tech till now. The recently launched Xiaomi Mi 9 came with a 27W fast wired charger. The company though ships a bundled 18W power adapter only. It’s 100W SuperCharge Turbo feature will soon bring Xiaomi to the bigger picture again.

Xiaomi’s 100W charging innovation in the fast charging space will bring in a drastic change.

Big manufacturers like Samsung or Apple are yet to take on the likes of innovation brought in by Chinese manufacturers like Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo or OnePlus.

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