Don’t Play PUBG In These Indian Cities – You Will Be Arrested And Sent To Jail!

PUBG is the biggest blockbuster game of 2018, and broke several records.

PUBG Banned in Some Indian Cities
PUBG Banned in Some Indian Cities

From the abundance of negativity that PUBG has churned up, it is no surprise that they had it coming. The video game has been banned already in Gujarat and more bad news is coming its way. The game has been banned in some more other Indian cities and has also led to a robbery case.

Read on to know all about the notorious legacy this videogame!

PUBG Banned in Indian Cities

Not a lot of days have passed since PUBG announced its first anniversary and during this whole year, the videogame has gone from being Google India’s most popular game to being banned in Gujarat.

Rajkot has declared a ban on the video game that will span over a time period of 9 March to 30 March 2019, as per the Rajkot Police Commissioner Manoj Agrawal. Following in Rajkot’s steps are Bhavnagar and some parts of Gir Somnath.  

The reason behind this is the game’s negative influence on children and their education. If anyone is found to be playing this game there will be action taken against offenders/gamers under section 188 of IPC, provided certain conditions exist.

As per reports, policemen have been exempted from this rule as they will need to play the game for investigation purposes.

Boy Steals 50,000 For PUBG Skins

A 15-year-old boy from Jalandhar allegedly stole no less than Rs. 50,000 from his father’s account itself. Apparently, he stole the money to buy a gaming pad for mobile and other PUBG Mobile skins as well.

The father noticed that the amount was debited from his bank account and then went on to report the theft. He also said that he did not receive any OTP or any notification regarding the transaction from the bank.

As soon as the cyber cell started investigating the matter, they realized that the money had been transferred to the son’s friend’s Paytm account. The boy even went so far as to delete the messages and OTP from the father’s phone.

As per reports, the father, who is a bike mechanic, dropped all charges when he was notified about the culprit being his own son.

PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019

Apparently unperturbed by the ongoing grave situation, there is a gigantic prize being offered for the winner of the PUBG tournament. The prize is no less than $2-million – the highest prize ever offered for PUBG Mobile.

This tournament, the PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019, has been announced by Tencent and will last a whole year with a competition between pro and semi-pro teams. The tournament has been split into Spring Split and Fall Split and there will be a separate prize pool and a Global Finals for both.

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