OnePlus 5G Phone Price & Specs Leaked; Global SIM-Free Data For OnePlus Fans Announced!

OnePlus 5G would be costlier than OnePlus 6T, as per the leaks.

OnePlus 5G price leaked
OnePlus 5G price leaked

Recently OnePlus confirmed that the company will launch a smartphone supporting 5G connectivity. The rumors say that it’s not OnePlus 7, but an all new unnamed OnePlus series.

As per the latest leak, the smartphone will be priced around Rs 45,999.

OnePlus till now has been launching two phones a year. But from next year, as per the rumors, there are going to be three phones. The OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7T and the OnePlus 5G phone.


OnePlus 5G Phone: What We Know So Far

The company will not add 5G to its next iteration OnePlus 7 due to pricing, so it is supposed to launch in an all-new series.  The alleged OnePlus series will have the first 5G phone from the company.

The upcoming OnePlus 5G smartphone will be powered by the yet to be announced Qualcomm flagship chipset: Snapdragon 8150 SoC.

The OnePlus 5G is also expected to come with the best of internals and hardware. The smartphone will launch during the first quarter of 2019, most probably at the upcoming MWC.

OnePlus hasn’t yet confirmed anything, but yes there’s a 5G OnePlus phone in the pipeline. OnePlus 7 cannot be priced in the bracket and hence this new phone is expected to come under an all-new series supporting 5G connectivity and Snapdragon 8510.

OnePlus 5G Phone Price | OnePlus 5G Phone Price In India

The latest leak says that the upcoming OnePlus 5G phone will cost around $100 more than the current OnePlus flagship. The OnePlus 6T comes at a starting price of Rs 37,999 and adding another $100 translates to around Rs 7,000 in extra.

So the upcoming OnePlus 5G phone in India will come at a starting price of Rs 45,999.

Adding 5G internals to the phone will substantially add up to the total cost forcing OnePlus to increase the overall price. OnePlus is going to be one of the first few manufacturers in the world to launch a 5G supported phone next year.

OnePlus Roaming Launched: Global SIM-Free Data Service

OnePlus has launched a global SIM-free data service to be available with OnePlus phones. The latest Oxygen OS beta update has this Roaming service which will work in most of the countries (as OnePlus said).

OnePlus Roaming can be activated with any package you purchase. The data package and price will vary from country to country.

How OnePlus Roaming Works?

The OnePlus Roaming service provides you with an option to access data without a local SIM card. You need to purchase a data package in advance to get data access, and you won’t need any local SIM card in your phone. You have to purchase package initially in the given list to get access later.

The purchases will be available in the ordered list, which you can activate after arriving at your destination.

How OnePlus Roaming Is Different Than Other Carriers?

You don’t need a local SIM card to get access to OnePlus Roaming. Also, you will not be able to use any SIM service like a direct phone call or message to any contact. Unlike other roaming plans offered by different carriers, the OnePlus Roaming only comes with data access.

You can do anything you do with your mobile data. You can use WhatsApp or Facebook or Google Duo to make call. There are a lot of other ways to connect over the internet, and hopefully you have a better idea at it.

The OxygenOS Open Beta is currently available for OnePlus 6 users only. The update has been rolled out via an OTA. Users who still have not received the update can download it here.

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