H-1B Visa Becomes Even More Tough; Canada Will Welcome 350,000 Immigrants by 2021

While US wants to stop foreign workers, Canada has decided to welcome more immigrants.

Canada will grant 350,000 immigrant visas by 2021
Canada will grant 350,000 immigrant visas by 2021

Two very interesting, yet contradictory news have emerged, which will have serious, long term implications on immigrants and expats from India and other countries.

President Trump led US Govt. has imposed even stricter norms for companies who wish to hire foreign workers under H-1B visa, and this include Indians as well.

Meanwhile Canada has decided to throw open its borders for skilled immigrants, as by 2021, they will welcome 350,000 immigrants.

Now, it is the time to choose between US and Canada. And think hard about your future.

H-1B Visa Becomes More Tough: 4 Pointers

Trump Adminstration has introduced some strict norms in the already tough H-1B labour application process, and this means even lesser H-1B visas would be approved now.

Three new rules have been included:

  1. US-based employers who wish to sponsor foreign employees under H-1B visa must disclose how many H-1B employees they already have. Based on this information, now the labor application will be approved or rejected
  2. The Labour Department will then confirm whether there are any domestic workers (US citizens) who can fill this position. If not, then only H-1B application shall be accepted.
  3. The Labor Application will be more detailed, and the employers need to specifically mention at which locations will the H-1B employees located, for how long, and estimated number of H-1B employees at each location.
  4. US workers who have claimed discrimination for employment, can now press charges and ask US Department of Justice to resolve the issue.

Office of Foreign Labour Certification’s website will be soon updated with these changes, and this means that chances of getting H-1B visa become weaker for US employers.

This is again, an anti-H-1B stand by Trump administration, aimed at reducing foreign workers, and giving more prominence to local citizens. Spouses of H-1B visa holders have already been banned from working.

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Canada: We Will Welcome 350,000 Immigrants By 2021

Meanwhile Canada, which shares a border with the US, has decided to increase the immigrant count, and welcome more foreigners into their country.

Compared to this year, Canada has decided to increase immigrant count by 40,000, and in the year 2021, 350,000 immigrants would be granted a visa.

Canada makes three-year plans related to immigrants’ visa, and this increased number of visas will take place from 2021.

Canada’s Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen confirmed this, as he said, “It’s also a question of gradual increase so our immigration system can be able to process these things.”

350,000 immigrant visa is equal to 1% of Canada’s population, and visa experts have stated this is a massive jump. In 2016, Canadian economic advisory council had recommended 450,000 immigrant visas.

Majority of these immigrant visas would be provided to skilled workforce, as the Minister said that “hunger for workers is huge” in their country. Refugees would also get a huge slice of immigrant visas, as per reports.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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