Toughest Ever H-1B Visa Process Starts; Social Media Will Change The Game!

The process of visa approvals starts today, as thousands of employees are waiting with bated breath to know the status of their future.


Toughest Ever H-1B Visa Process Starts

H-1B visa, the golden opportunity to enter the Land of Opportunities: the USA is the most sought after passport stamp ever.

The process of visa approvals starts today, as thousands of employees are waiting with bated breath to know the status of their future.

However, if you are one among the applicants, then be warned: Observers have described this as the toughest Visa application process ever.

President Trump has left no stone unturned to express his displeasure over immigrants coming over to the US, and stealing jobs from the locals. Already, several tough rules have been announced, and it seems that only a few lucky ones would be able to make it.

We will now explain why.

Social Media Will Change The Game!

For the first time ever, visa applicants will be now required to submit their social media information, and this can affect lakhs of visa applicants, all over the world.

Till now, only email address and phone number are required.

As per the proposed rules of US State Department, published in the Federal Register, visa applicants are required to submit ‘identifiers’ of social media, used in the last 5 years. This may include your Facebook profile name, Twitter handle, Instagram, Snapchat and more.

Since the rules are tough this time, observers are stating that any mismatch of information or doubt pertaining to the ‘intent’ of the visa applicant will mean rejection.

And heartbreaks.

As per the Department, around 710,000 immigrant visas and 14 million non-immigrant visas would be directly affected by this new rule.

Department has sought public opinions on this new change.

This rule will be exempted for diplomatic and official visa types.

Toughest Ever H-1B Visa Process!

For 2018,  USCIS (the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) will start the process of H-1B visa application starting today. The successful applicants would be able to work in the US starting October 1st, 2018.

And if we believe the analysts of immigration, then this is the strictest ever process, ever.

Unprecedented scrutiny of visa applicants has been planned, and even a minutest of error will lead to rejection.

For instance, if multiple visa application for the same employer is filed by even “related entities”, such as a parent company, a subsidiary, or even an affiliate, then the application would be straight away rejected.

Besides, temporarily suspended premium processing has also been banned as of now.

Immigration lawyers and experts have said that rejection rate is expected to be much more this year.

We will keep you updated, as we receive more information.

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