Control Your iPhone Without Touch; Cheaper MacBook Launching On Sep 12th!

Apple is unleashing massive design related changes this year.

Touch-less iPhones coming soon!
Touch-less iPhones coming soon!

Move from notches and bezel-less displays, as Apple is bringing something that will soon completely change the smartphone technology.

After launching its 3D powered facial recognition feature, now the company plans to take the experience to the next level. Apple will use 3D sensing to enable a multi-hovering experience backed a bunch of new AR features.

The next-gen iPhone models are rumoured to come with a tri-lens setup which will help to enable AR features on future iPhones.

Control iPhones Without Touching

Apple is working on to enhance the iPhone interface with the help of optimal 3D mapping. This will enable air gestures on iPhones that will help users to control their iPhones without touching them. The gesture controls was first introduced by Samsung on Galaxy S4 back in 2013.

Though, iPhones will support air gestures, which will enable users to control their phones without any touch.

As per a report, the advanced hardware on the upcoming iPhone will help the smartphone to recognise three or more fingers from a gap of 50mm in the air. The air gesture is currently being tested to pinch-to-zoom in and out without touching the iPhone screen.

The finger will remain apart, and the touch-free gestures will offer a whole new experience over the existing iOS.

Apple has hands-free features available as Animoji and Memoji through its 3D sensing on the iPhone X.

Air Gestures: Future iPhones

The company upnext is planning to bring in features like hand gesture interfaces. The new hand gesture interface could be a part of the upcoming iPhone versions in 2018, which will get into future Mac machines as well. Apple will also be using the same technology for its smart glasses.

Apple has a patent application filed back in 2015 which states about the development of 3D depth mapping camera sensing.

The 2019 iPhone models will also come with a ToF (Time of Flight) sensor which will the upcoming iPhones to draw 3D structures and information on top of the real-world scenes in 3 dimensions.

Cheaper Macbook Air

The new upcoming Macbook Air will surprisingly come at a very competitive price point. The new Macbook is expected to come with a thinner body and all the latest internals.

The “low cost” Macbook will have a high-resolution Retina Display screen and contemporary Intel CPU. Reports suggest that it will be an all new model and will come with slimmer bezels on sides.

The cheaper MacBook laptop will come at a very competitive price, and probably will replace the MacBook Air priced at less than $1,000 (around Rs 60,000).

The 2018 model of the Macbook is being speculated to be “more affordable” than the current version of the MacBook Air available in the market. Though, at the launch, the “entry-level” Apple MacBook which will run a new Intel CPU and will cost around $1,200.

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