Parents Are Naming Their Newborns Based On Domain Availability – GoDaddy Research!

For the new-age millennial parent, domain name availability is more important than the actual name of their kid.

Parenting in the age of Internet
Parenting in the age of Internet

Godaddy, world’s biggest domain reseller has found that today’s parents are greatly influenced with domain names, when it comes to naming their newborns.

Infact, in case a particular domain name is not available, then they won’t use that name for their kids.

Surprising it may be, but it is the truth of new-age parenting, in the Internet age.


Domain Names: The Key To Parenting?

Godaddy along with OnePoll conducted a survey of millennial parents (those who are aged between 28 and 33), and Gen X parents (who are aged between 39 to 53).

1000 respondents were chosen for both the categories.

In the case of millennial parents, it was found that 20% or one out of five parents considered changing their newborn’s names, if the relevant domain was not available to buy.

And this proved that online presence of kids has become far more important than we thought.

Online Presence Means Success?

Almost half – 48% of the millennials surveyed admitted that an online presence of their children will become an important factor in their future success.

Compared to this, only 27% of Gen X parents believed the same.

Now, maybe millennial parents are more used to the digital world, and they themselves have robust online presence, and this drives them to this conclusion.

Nikhil Arora, Managing Director and Vice President, GoDaddy India said, “Today, parents have realized the opportunity that the digital space can create for their kids and increasingly they are claiming their child’s name and online identity to help set them up for future success.”

Has Website Become A Necessity?

If we believe the results of the poll, then it will be clear that having their own website is the #1 priority of the new age millennial parent.

38% of the millennial parents are considering to launch a website for their own kids, or planning to launch, compared to just 20% of the Gen X parents who had thought about it a decade earlier.

Here are some interesting reasons why having a website and an online presence have become one of the top-most priorities of new-age parents:

Why Are Parents Buying Domain Names Before Birth Of Their Child?

45%: Wanted to reserve a name for future, for their kids

Why Are Parents Planning To Buy A Domain Name In Future?

46%: As a tool to teach Internet to their kids

Top Reasons Parents Think Will Be The Use Of A Website for Their Kids

College Applications; Job hunting;  A personal presence in the online world.

The survey also found that a millennial parent will have posted 107 pictures of their kids, even before they learn to walk, compared to 50 images by Gen X!

70% of the millennial parent will use a parenting app, while only 48% of Gen X parent will do that.

Do you think domains are so important for the newborn kid? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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