Paytm Launches Made in India AI Cloud; Amazon, Microsoft Oppose Data Localisation!

This can be termed as the perfect timing for Paytm's AI Cloud launch.

Paytm's AI Cloud will be Make in India
Paytm’s AI Cloud will be Make in India

Paytm has clearly improved their timing, and this time, they have scored the perfect points.

Within days of Microsoft and Amazon vehemently opposing data localization plans of Indian Govt., Paytm has announced the launch of ‘Make in India’ AI Cloud which promises all data to be stored inside India.

Alibaba is backing their venture.

How will Amazon and Microsoft and Google respond now?

Paytm: Welcome to Make in India AI Cloud!

One97 Communications Limited, Paytm’s parent company has announced the launch of AI Cloud for SMEs, startups and enterprises.

Their AI Cloud is completely Make in India, and stores their data inside India.

Speaking on the launch, Sujit Kumar Mishra, Vice President – Paytm said, “At Paytm, we have always ensured the highest standards of customer data privacy and security. Our customers data is processed and stored locally in India with no access to any third party or investors.

Termed as “Paytm AI Cloud for India”, this new AI-powered cloud solutions provide:

  • Business-centric apps for designers, developers, startups, SMEs, and enterprises
  • Workflow automation packages, which are ready to use
  • Easy to integrate payments
  • Customer engagement tools such as messengers
  • In-built CRM
  • Predictive computation for businesses

As per the press release, Paytm has partnered with Alibaba’s Cloud Computing for their backend structure.

Amazon, Microsoft: Sorry, We Can’t Store Data in India

In the last few months, Govt. of India along with RBI and DoT have pushed for data localization norms in India.

Not only wallet companies and fintech startups, but Cloud behemoths such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google too have been asked and ordered to store their data inside India.

This is part of the new Cloud Computing Policy by the Indian Govt.

Responding to these diktats, several US-based trade groups have stated that storing data inside India is not feasible.

These trade groups represent companies like Amazon, American Express, Microsoft and more, and the strong stand taken by them clearly showcases that they won’t budge on this one.

Amba Kak, a global public policy adviser at the Internet company Mozilla Corp said, “Data localisation is not just a business concern, it potentially makes government surveillance easier, which is a worry.”

It seems that besides Govt. surveillance, these companies are also worried over rising cost involved in meeting this request.

In the month of September, high-level meeting between Indian and American diplomats and politicians will take place, and these trade groups are expected to raise their concerns during that time.

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