Apple’s Strategy To Capture Indian Smartphone Market: 5 Things You Need To Know!

Apple has created a new strategy to regain their market share. And it looks very interesting.

Apple will follow new strategy for offline push
Apple will follow new strategy for offline push

After losing out a significant share of the Indian smartphone market, Apple has now less than 1 percent share in the market. Thriving prices and surging custom duties forced the US-based company to increase its smartphone costs.

2018 is one of the worst years for Apple, and things are worse than ever.

Though to put in some damage control, the company now is focusing on a brand-first model rather than pushing up the volumes. Apple is still hopeful of India, and CEO Tim Cook wants to repeat a China with India.

China is now the largest market for Apple outside its home market.


Apple’s New Sales Strategy

Call it intense cut-throat pricing from Chinese brands or Apple’s one-world ecosystem, Indians has not been able to adapt to the iOS and its products. To Indians, Apple iPhones are still a luxury product, and with so many so good options available at far lesser prices, buying an iPhone doesn’t make sense for most of the Indians.

But, in a bid to keep up with growing Chinese competition, Apple is now focusing on a brand-first model to expand in the offline market.

The company is now planning to open up company-owned stores throughout the country. Apple’s next big bid is launching company franchisee outlets at key offline areas of metropolitan cities. The Apple-owned franchise outlets will all be 1,000 square foot plus stores showcasing Apple’s latest products.

Flagship Apple Premium Outlets

The flagship Apple Premium outlets in the country are going to be a resized version of the Apple Retail Stores. The company is planning to open up stores at prominent locations in the important cities as anchor shops in big malls and in high-profile shopping areas.

Apple Stores are yet to take a shape in India and the company is planning to turn the franchise outlets into experience stores under its latest strategy.

Growing in the offline market is Apple’s new strategy to boost up its sales in the country. The company is backing on selling iPhones by offering an experience rather than discounts. Apple presently operates with over 150 outlets in the country.

Apple’s New Target: Regain Premium Reputation

The company is trying to impact the Indian market as much as possible and grow its premium reputation in the smartphone market. After failing to push up sales with discounts, the company is now planning to offer a premium experience at its flagship stores.

At the same time, Apple will try to boost up the sales by offering a flagship experience at its stores rather than just offering excessive discounts on iPhones.

The Offline War Of Smartphone Brands

The current leading premium smartphone company in India, OnePlus has successfully been selling its flagship phones both online and offline. The Chinese company has opened up multiple flagship OnePlus Experience stores across the country in its three years of operations in India. The company has been speeding up its expansion in the offline market to maintain its top spot in the premium market.

Call it an offline war of smartphone brands or India’s love for buying smartphones offline, companies with strong offline availability has always been successful in the country.

Samsung, Oppo, and Vivo are the perfect examples of how offline availability can boost up smartphone sales in India.

Following a similar strategy, Apple now wants to take a share of the Indian offline smartphone market. Though Apple only offers premium smartphones at top-tier price categories, for a price-sensitive market like India the company will have to work on its discount-model on the same note.

The Turnaround Plan For Apple

Apple has a turnaround sales plan ready for India and the company is hopeful of turning the tables around this time. Apple will now focus on expanding sales offline via its reseller stores with adding more retail stores at premier locations of all the important cities across India.

The company will back on rapid expansion with neighborhood stores and top class consumer experience and by adding newer agreements with multiple partners both online and offline.

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