BSNL Challenges Jio, Whatsapp With ‘Wings’ – Is This A New Disruption?

BSNL's Wings will allow users to make voice calls using Internet

BSNL's Wings is now live
BSNL’s Wings challenges Jio and Whatsapp

State owned telecom carrier BSNL has decided to directly challenge Whatsapp and Jio, with their new service of Internet telephony.

This way, BSNL has become the first telecom operator to announce the launch of this new service.

‘Wings’ is the name of the app through which this new service can be availed.

What exactly is this, and how Jio and Whatsapp is being challenged here?

Read on to know more!

‘Wings’ Will Fly Starting July 25th!

Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha officially launched Internet telephony service by BSNL, which will allow BSNL users to call any number in India via Internet.

Even landline users can now make calls via Internet, and they don’t require any SIM for that. BSNL had been testing this service since 2015, and now the actual service is live.

Internet and an app is all a user needs to make Voice over Internet. Wings is the name of the app which is required to make calls using Internet.

The Minister said, “In present competitive environment, increase in market share by BSNL is laudable. I congratulate BSNL management for internet telephony which will enable consumers to make call without SIM,”

BSNL Chairman and Managing Director Anupam Shrivastava informed everyone that this service can be used in abroad as well, and BSNL users will just need Wings app to make calls anywhere using any nearest Internet connection which can be accessed via WiFi.

BSNL has announced plan of Rs 1099, which includes free unlimited calls anywhere in India, made from India or abroad.

Anupam said, “The benefit for existing BSNL landline customers is that they can receive incoming calls on the app irrespective of their location,”

Registrations for this new service will start in couple of days, and the actual service will kickstart from July 25th.

BSNL Challenges Jio and Whatsapp?

Jio too wants to offer Voice over Internet service for their users, and we reported last week that testing is currently underway.

By launching this new service before Jio, BSNL has actually beaten Jio, but once both the telecom operators launch full fledged service, the actual winner can be guaged.

On the other hand, BSNL has now challenged Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Skype and all other messenger apps which provides SIM-less calling features via their apps.

In fact, BSNL’s Wings is directly competing against Whatsapp and other apps now, as users are now getting more options with Wings, compared to these apps.

However, other telecom operators have been opposing BSNL and Jio’s plans to offer Voice over Internet, as this can reduce their profits made via voice calls.

Govt. has already approved SIM-less calling feature.

It would be interesting to observe the next move of other telecom operators in India.

We will keep you updated.

  1. Chaitanya Deshpande says

    Jio can reverse the game in a day ?

  2. Arun says

    Must appreciate BSNL for this move but they must maintain good service to capture this market. Other telecom players may show some resistance about this move but finally customers would be the king. There is only once choice to other telecom operators either they have to evolve as per the time and market changes or shutdown there services. Once people come to the cheap tactics to stop internet telephony by these operators, they will face the wrath of customers.

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