Jio’s Voice Over WiFi Will Be Launched Soon; Will Other Telcos Object?

Earlier, other telcos had objected to TRAI over Voice over WiFi service.

Jio's Voice Over WiFi is launching soon
Jio’s Voice Over WiFi is launching soon

Reliance Jio has informed the Govt. that their Voice Over Internet service is now ready to be launched.

If Jio launches this service, then it can once again disrupt the existing telecom equilibrium, and change everything.

Will other telcos allow this to happen?

Jio: We Will Launch Voice Over WiFi Soon!

Voice over Internet or Voice over WiFi is a service wherein users without any SIM can also make a call using any nearest WiFi hubspot.

Jio has informed TRAI that they will be soon launching this service, as all required tests are over. They have asked Govt. officials to undertake any other tests or examinations, before this service is launched nation-wide.

In fact, an official from Department of Telecom has informed that all the necessary tests are over, and the green signal can come anytime.

How Will Voice Over Internet Benefit The Users?

Voice over Internet can be immensely useful in those locations where mobile network is not good, but Internet connectivity exists due to broadband.

The issue of drop calls will improve, and users from deep rural hinterland can also make voice calls, once this is launched. Besides, network issues inside lifts, basements, thick walls, metro stations etc can be solved with voice over internet.

WiFi hotspots can expand all over the country, and more people would be included in the #Digitalndia story.

Interestingly, Jio will integrate this service on their JioPhone, so that a much larger base is able to use this feature. Initially, only Jio to Jio calls would be offered, and then expanded to cover all mobiles and landline numbers.

Will Other Telcos Object?

Although both Airtel and Vodafone are right now conducting tests to check the feasibility of voice over Internet service, most of the telecom operators had complained to TRAI regarding this service.

As per COAI, revenue from voice calls will almost end, if Voice over WiFi is offered by Jio. People will no longer use SIM Cards, as only an app would be enough to connect with Internet, and to make and receive calls.

While Airtel and Vodafone will only provide this service for those users who have VoLTE phones, Jio is planning to offer to all JioPhone users.

However, since Govt. has allowed the Voice over Internet service, objections won’t matter, and Jio’s initial push can result in massive change in the industry.

On the other hand, popularity of messenger apps such as Skype, Whatsapp etc can also take a hit.

We will keep you updated as receive more inputs.


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