Indian Railways Wants To Double Its Revenue By 2025; Will Abolish 11000 Posts!

These posts would be abolished because the work has become redundant, and there is no longer any need for such posts.


Indian Railways Will Abolish 11,000 Posts

Some very interesting news related with Indian Railways have surfaced in the last 24 hours.

Prominent among them is the news about abolishing or shedding around 11000+ posts, across India.

Meanwhile, Rail Minister Piyush Goel has declared that by 2025, Indian Railways will double their revenue to Rs 4 lakh crore. And that too without any support from the Govt.

11,000 Posts To Be Abolished By Indian Railways!

In a major decision, Indian Railways has decided to abolish 11,000 posts, which will mean lesser recruitment.

These posts would be abolished because the work has become redundant, and there is no longer any need for such posts. Advancement of technology can be attributed as a factor too.

These terminations of 11,040 posts would be executed across 17 railway zones, as per the letter by the Railways Board to all General Managers.

Northern and Southern Zones would experience maximum terminations: 1500 and 1100 terminations respectively.

Last year, 10,000 posts were abolished.

Indian Railways is considered as one of the largest employers, as they employ more than 10 lakh employees as of now. 50% of their expense is spent over employee salaries.

Indian Railways Wants To Double Revenues!

Meanwhile, in a big declaration, Railway minister Piyush Goyal has said that by 2025, they want to double their revenues to Rs 4 lakh crore. If this happens, then Indian Railway will become profitable.

Interestingly, Railways is planning to invest Rs 9 lakh crore in the same period.

The Minister said,

“Our target is to turn the railways profitable so that it doesn’t have to take any gross budgetary support from the government,”

As per the Minister, enormous costs can be saved, if electrification is completed, upon 100% route. He said,

“Reducing cost is the most important thing. If we were to electrify large parts of our network, we can easily save around Rs 15,000 crore in fuel bill itself.”

The Minister shared several plans and schemes, which would be implemented gradually to save money, and to increase profits.

Waterproof Engines Are Introduced!

Meanwhile, in order to cope with the monsoon and water-logged tracks, Central Railways has introduced a special waterproof rail engine, which can work even in 12 inches of water.

These engines would be primarily used to assist trains and coaches stuck in rainwater floods.

SK Jain, divisional railway manager of Central Railway, Mumbai division said,

“Waterlogged tracks maroon local trains and other rolling stock. When the level crosses 4 inches, water enters traction motors at the bottom of the engine. This can cause an ‘engine failure’.”

As per the officials, the waterproof engine is ready and can be deployed any time, if the need arises. Mumbai is expected to bear the brunt of an aggressive monsoon, and this special waterproof engine can prove to be the saviour for Mumbaikars.

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