Google Is Spying On Android Users Using Their Own Data? Oracle Makes A Big Accusation!

If the accusations are proved correct, then Google can be asked to pay $445 million to $580 million to ACCC.


Google Is Spying On Android Users

Oracle and Google’s fights have been legendary, almost equalling the magnitude of the fight between Apple and Windows, once upon a time.

This fight of mega tech czars has now taken a new twist, with spying and data privacy becoming the new front of the battle.

Oracle has accused Google of spying on Android users in Australia, but that is not all – Oracle has claimed that Google is using 1 GB data of Android users themselves for this spying.

An investigation is currently on against Google, and things can go any direction from here.

Oracle: Google Is Spying On Android Users, Using Their Own Data!

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has been approached by Oracle, and they have been informed that Google is unethically syphoning off data from Android users’ phone, and spying on them.

ACCC Chairman Rod Sims has confirmed this development and has said that investigation is on against the search giant.

Now, spying is a new accusation, but spying using users’ own data induces a monetary angle as well.

In Australia, 1 GB of data costs roughly $3.60-$4.50 a month.

Now, considering more than 10 million Australians use Android phones, 1 GB data cost of 10 million Aussies translates to $445 million to $580 million a year.

If the accusations are proved correct, then Google can be asked to pay $445 million to $580 million to ACCC.

Sims said, “My people are looking into it,”

What Exactly Is The Issue Here?

Google’s privacy documents already state that when an Android user turns on Google Maps, then the location data is tracked.

However, Oracle ‘experts’ have found that Google is tracking users’ location data, even if Google Maps is not open.

As per the allegations, location data along with other major data points of Android users are being sent to Google servers using Android users’ own data, which is approximately 1 GB, per month.

If we believe Oracle experts, then this auto-monitoring can be only stopped when the phone is switched off. Even disabling SIM won’t stop it!

Sims said,

“The more we get into this inquiry the more we realise there are lots of issues (around) competition and privacy,”

There has been no reaction from Google on this, as of now.

We will keep you updated, as we receive more information.


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