Multiplex Not Allowing Outside Food? You Can Complain At This Toll-Free Number!

If outside food poses any inconvenience to other cinema goers, then no food should be allowed inside the theatre.


Multiplexes Not Allowing Outside Food

We all know how it works in a multiplex: The security guard confiscates any food item which you have, and if you are, say, having an ice-cream cone, then it has to be consumed outside.

And once you go inside the multiplex, and feel something like eating, then you will need to pay for exorbitantly priced popcorn, nachos and other eatables.

There have been voices raised against this practice, but no substantial step has been taken.

However, things can change, at least for Pune citizens.

If you are from Pune, and if someone stops you from taking outside eatables inside, then you can complain to District Food Supply Office (DFSO) at this toll-free number: 1800- 222-365.

As per the Govt. officials, a strict action shall be taken!

Outside Food To Be Allowed In Multiplexes?

Dinesh Bhalekar, Pune district food and civil supply officer, has launched a massive exercise against the practice of multiplexes stopping outside food inside the theatre.

And the first steps have been taken by launching a toll-free number to place complaints.

As per Dinesh, if outside food poses any inconvenience to other cinema goers, then no food should be allowed inside the theatre.

Quite logical, we must say.

He said,

“If there is an issue with food items, then they should be completely prohibited even inside the multiplexes. They cannot have their own vendors selling snacks on the premises.”

As per Bhalekar, senior citizens are the most affected by this order from multiplex to not bring outside food.

He said,

“We are also going to issue orders to them through the district collector. Also, a meeting will be held with the administrators of theatres regarding the issue.”, adding, “Now, citizens can report such incidents on the toll-free number. Subsequently, strict action will be taken against multiplexes.”

What About Profitability Of Cinema Owners?

In a recent investigation by HT, it was found that movie ticket prices in most of the multiplexes are almost same as that of a popcorn/cold-drink combo. And even higher in some cases.

It has been widely known that food and beverages (F&B) inside multiplexes constitute the largest portion of revenues.

In fact, the F&B revenues of cinemas are way better than restaurants in some cities.

Way back in 2016, Govt. had ordered that multiplexes and airports cannot charge more than the MRP from consumers, but then, they started selling products with increased MRP to get away from this rule.

Interestingly, the current Govt. has plans to scrap the system of MRPs for all products, and if that happens, then multiplexes would be free to charge anything they want.

But before that, the issue of outside food is gaining momentum, and a toll-free number from Pune district food and civil supply officer can set a new precedent.

If you are from Pune, and if you are going to a movie, then do let us know what happened after you call this toll-free number: 1800- 222-365. (if the multiplex stopped you from taking outside food)

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